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Why Docfinderkorea?


Direct communication with reliable insiders in the medical tourism industry

Network with governmental and cultural organization

Docfinderkorea built cooperation schemes with governmental and cultural organizations in order to help you select the safest and most reliable medical institution and enjoy your travel in Korea. We keep a close relationship with these organizations and continuously receive updated information to be prepared for all possible needs.

Name of the Organization


Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency

Medical Dispute Prevention and Proper Adjustment Settlement

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Medical Tour and Tour and Culture Vitalization

Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs

National Hygiene and Social Welfare

Ministry of Knowledge Economy

Industry Promotion and Trade & Investment Inducement

Korea Tourism Organization

Established for Medical Tourism Development

Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Health Industry Development and Health Service Improvement

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Nation’s Commerce Industry Improvement Contribution

Medical Korea Gangnam

Introduces hospitals and medical institutions to patients, but does not offer medical services.

MEMEWE Gangnam

Information provider in Gangnam area

Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance by Seoul Metropolitan Government

Revitalizing medical tourism for international visitors in the city of Seoul