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About us

Docfinderkorea is the biggest and oldest medical tourism agency accredited by the Korean government.

Docfinderkorea provides the best and most reliable all-inclusive services for many years. We will take care of all the necessary arrangements for your medical trip, from scheduling your appointments before arrival in Korea, and assistance during the entire stay until the departure day. Our caring staff is available to answer your questions and concerns 24/7.

Patients from 101 countries all over the globe have received Docfinderkorea’s services. Regardless of gender, race, and nationality, Docfinderkorea provides the best service with professional expertise and abundant experience in the field of plastic surgeries, dermatology treatments, and hair transplants.

number 1

medical tourism company in Korea

0 accidents

throughout the entire history in all partner clinics

Global customers, regardless of gender and race from

101 countries

36 influencers

chose Docfinderkorea services for beauty procedures

10 years

of experience since the establishment

5,500 surgery patients

fulfilled their dreams with Docfinderkorea assistance

36,000 patients

visited Korea with Docfinderkorea for different procedures

Docfinderkorea follows environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria. The E for environmental criteria alludes to the effect that a company’s activities have on the environment. The S for social criteria addresses the relationships the company has and the reputation it fosters with people and institutions in the communities where you do business. The G for corporate governance criteria refers to the company’s corporate governance, like the transparency policy.