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Up until recent years, breast and body contouring surgeries were procedures discussed in relation to western women. Beauty standards throughout Korea and the Asian continent generally focused on the face, so popular surgeries included the eyes, nose, and facial contouring. As breast and body contouring surgery technology and techniques continue to develop, not only Westerners but all racial and ethnic backgrounds around the globe are taking an interest in breast and body enhancement. This includes breast implants, butt implants, butt lifts, and liposuction. For example, breast enhancement previously meant simply increasing the size of the breasts; now in our partner clinics, surgeons emphasize balancing the implants with the patient’s body as well as a natural look, smooth recovery, and minimal scarring.

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The number of breast enhancements has been increasing each year—proving that interest in body sculpting is on the rise. The current trend in the field is to select and place implants with accuracy and skill using the latest medical equipment while taking the patient’s current body into account for natural-looking results.

Receiving attention from around the globe, our body contouring specialist’s surgery skills and techniques are progressing rapidly and providing fast recoveries with minimal scarring and side effects. Nonetheless, it is essential to consult with a professional medical team to ensure a capable, experienced doctor performs any surgeries. Undergoing surgery with an inexperienced surgeon can have costly consequences— for both satisfaction and safety. 

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