Breast augmentation in Korea - enhance size and shape

Breast augmentation

Breasts that look and feel natural, like you were born this way. Make your dreams come true!

Surgery time

Around 1~2 hours

Anesthesia type

General anesthesia


1 night


3 days after surgery with waterproof bandages

Post surgery check-up

2 times (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

Not required or 14 days after surgery (case by case)

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure to enhance breast size while boosting volume and perkiness for those who have small breasts due to genetics, extreme dieting, or childbirth. More symmetric, balanced, alluring, and voluminous breasts can be achieved by breast augmentation. After an in-detail physical assessment with Docfinderkorea’s most experienced board-certified breast surgeons, the most suitable implant type, size, and incision location will be recommended for each individual case. With full HD endoscopic breast augmentation surgery, we deliver the safest and most accurate breast results. Depending on the patient’s case medical grade skin adhesive might be recommended. In that case then after recovery, the incision line will look thin and beautiful. Breast augmentation with an implant or autologous (one's own) fat graft does not affect the quality or quantity of lactation. 

Breast augmentation with Docfinderkorea

  1. Patient determines shape and size

    Breasts are shaped according to the patient’s desired size and shape.
  2. FDA approved implants

    Safe and reliable augmentation with only FDA approved implants.
  3. Ensures balance

    Personalized to create a balanced, proportionate look based on the patient’s body type.
  4. No massages

    Implants are adhered precisely to prevent any shifting and minimize capsular contracture or other complications.

One of the integral elements of breast augmentation is the implant. It is imperative to choose the right implant to safely obtain the desired result. Rather than just choosing the “best” implant, it is better to choose the right implant for each individual case. The implant type, size, location, and incision site are determined based on the patient’s current breast shape, body condition, skin thickness, muscle thickness, and personal preference.

Implant material options

Saline Implant

The original and oldest material.

  1. Made with natural materials.
  2. Fluid volume can be easily modified with no restriction.
  3. Smaller incisions and minimal scarring.
  4. Simple to perform revision surgery if necessary.

Cohesive Gel or Silicone Implant

Natural designs.

  1. Natural shapes.
  2. Less rippling.
  3. For the teardrop shape, it has the best strength to re-design the shape of the breast.

Motiva Implant

Safe and convenient with minimal scarring. Most natural touch.

  1. Similar feeling to actual breasts.
  2. Most natural shape as it follows the gravity.
  3. Least rippling.
  4. Smaller incisions and minimal scarring.

When the edges, folds, and wrinkles of the breast implants can be seen or felt through the skin, particularly around the cleavage and the sides of the implant, this is referred to as implant rippling.

Implant texture comparison

Implant surface options


The smooth surface allows the implants to be easily placed in the breast with little scarring due to smaller incisions. It does carry a slightly bigger risk of capsular contracture compared to other implant surface options, so it is necessary to receive proper treatment and aftercare.


The rough surface on this implant helps adhere to the breast tissue even after surgery, prevents capsular contracture, and provides dependable force to push a thick breast muscle.


Possessing the advantages of both smooth and textured implants, the bio-friendly surface reduces the risk of side effects like capsular contracture and is especially easy to insert for those with narrow chests.

Silky (Motiva)

Compared to standard textured implants, silky textured implants have smaller particles with a more elaborate distribution so that it still feels soft to the touch. These minute particles prevent encapsulation and greatly minimize the chance of capsular contracture. It creates soft and smooth breasts.


A specialized polyurethane surface that has micro-sized holes, where the breast tissues fill in the spaces of the surface to provide the maximum reduction of the chance of capsular contracture. This ensures the implants do not rotate or move for fast recovery and fast natural-looking results.

Implant shapes options

Round Implant

As the name suggests, round implants are shaped like a half sphere. It is the most commonly used implant as it fills out both the lower and upper parts of the breast.

  • Looks incredibly natural when laying down.
  • For those who want dramatically defined cleavage.
  • For those with less or no volume in the upper breasts.

Teardrop Implant

Also commonly known as anatomical implants. This implant shape looks very natural when standing and very dependable for the case of patients with thick muscle. However, if the implants are not meticulously secured, there is a risk the implants may rotate and require the patient to undergo revision surgery.

  • Looks incredibly natural when standing.
  • For those with sagging or almost flat breasts.
  • For those with thick breast muscle.

Motiva Implants

Motiva is a breast implant based on premium product design and development, cutting-edge manufacturing, and experience in the industry. Motiva implants naturally change shape as the body moves and are soft to the touch, creating the ideal breasts. Excellent viscoelastic silicone gel mimics actual breasts with a natural movement and soft feel based on gravity. Motiva implant has outstanding durability and flexibility.

  1. A natural look and feel, no matter the posture Implants that naturally spread out when you lie down and look anatomical (teardrop shaped) like real breasts when you stand. It has a natural appearance and natural touch that comes the closest to actual breasts.
  2. SilkSurface™ prevents capsular contracture Made from nano-sized particles for a detailed and textured surface. The resulting increased frictional response ensures the low likelihood of a physical reaction due to capsular contracture or as a foreign object. It also does not require massages post-surgery.
  3. BluSeal® maximizes safety BluSeal lowers the possibility of capsular contracture by preventing gel from diffusing towards the outer layer. It is created by a company that thoroughly understands the risks of implant tears and ruptures.
  • Looks natural and full on all sides and positions.
  • For those wanting the most natural shape and touch.
  • For those with sagging or almost flat breasts. 

Incision placement options

Inframammary Fold Incision(under the breast fold)

With the least pain and the quickest recovery period, this incision site is especially favored by those who want to have breasts augmentation. Thanks to recent developments in stitching methods by medical grade skin adhesive, this incision has become a popular choice since the incision is thin and hidden in the breast fold.

Armpit Incision

Benefits include an unnoticeable incision placement, a reduction in potential vein and nerve damage during surgery, and very little risk of infection or reduced sense of touch. Recovery is a little longer compared to the inframammary fold (under the breast fold) incision.

Areola Incision

Being in the center of the surgical site, the areola incision gives the surgeon a better view of where the implant should be placed and makes the surgery easier and simpler. This incision is generally recommended to those who want to correct sagging and unbalanced breasts as well as for breast augmentation.

Implant placement options

Below Breast Tissue

The implants are placed between the muscle and breast tissues. As the implant is covered by breast tissue, patients with more soft tissue will see even better and natural results.

- Effective for breasts with a fair amount of volume.

- Effective for correcting breasts that droop or have a wide gap.

Below Muscle

The implants are placed under the breast muscles for naturally shaped breasts and natural touch. It is commonly used for those with little to no breast soft tissue.

- Effective for breast with small amount of volume.

- Implants do not rotate.

Dual Plane

The implants are placed partially below the muscle to provide natural touch and shape. Additionally, this placement option also prevents a double fold under the breasts. It creates a natural look and is the most commonly used method in recent years.

- Effective for small or sagging breasts.

- Implants do not rotate.

A larger volume of pure fat can be extracted with our best lipokit

Breast fat graft augmentation

Also commonly known as a breast fat transfer, breast fat graft augmentation takes excess fat from other parts of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen, and injects pure and healthy fat cells into the breasts. You can achieve a natural fullness. Also, because the procedure uses the patient’s own fat, the chance of infection is significantly reduced, breasts become bigger, and the areas of fat removal are slimmed down. However, for the patient’s safety, there is a volume limitation in grafting fat to the breast. Thus, this procedure is generally recommended by Docfinderkorea’s breast specialist for those who want to have more defined cleavage and or upper breast fullness as breast fat graft augmentation is excellent for defining the breast shape.

Preventing capsular contracture

Sometimes the body’s immune system can react when a foreign material enters the body. During breast surgery, when implants are inserted the surrounding areas can have an adverse reaction and form a capsule (or film). Normally, this kind of capsule is thin and soft and cannot be felt to the touch. In the low likelihood, the capsule becomes thick or hard, the shape of the breast may change— this is capsular contracture. But there are ways to prevent and minimize its development, which is seriously well managed by Docfinderkorea’s board-certified breast specialist. Capsular contracture can develop due to several causes: bleeding during surgery, hematoma, necrosis, a compromised immune system, or even inadequate aftercare. It usually occurs within 4 to 8 months post-operation, so it is extremely important to take care of yourself from the early stages.

Docfinderkorea’s capsular contracture prevention programs

  1. Space for Implants
    The perfect space size is precisely planned before placing the implants into the breasts.
  2. Infection Prevention
    The surgical site is meticulously and thoroughly sterilized during surgery and antibiotics are properly administered before and after surgery.
  3. Minimal Bleeding
    A cutting-edge endoscope during surgery to accurately check and minimize bleeding as much as possible.

Breast surgery pain management system

You are not alone. Docfinderkorea understands your pain. We do our best to reduce pain for all patients, during and after surgery.

  1. Intercostal nerve block

    After you’re sedated, local anesthesia is injected under the ribs to help reduce pain in the breast area and speed up recovery.
  2. Pain self-regulation device

    With the extremely safe self-regulation device, you can automatically inject a fixed dose of pain relievers based on your personal needs.
  3. Pain self-regulation patch

    A patch is adhered to the breast area to alleviate swelling and pain so you can rest comfortably even after discharge.

Note: If you have a favorite brand of painkiller that you regularly use, then you can bring and consume it after surgery.

Process of breast augmentation surgery

  1. Physical assessment and consultation by board-certified breast specialist surgeon
  2. Breast ultrasound check-up by board-certified breast cancer specialist
  3. Most suitable surgery plan is made depending on the patient’s case and preference
  4. Surgery

Breast augmentation is recommended for those who

  1. Have disproportionate breast to body size
  2. Have lack of confidence because of breast size and or shape
  3. Want to have more breast volume
  4. Experienced change of breasts due to extreme diet or childbirth
  5. Have asymmetrical breasts

Our board-certified breast specialist surgeons can perform surgery with the smallest incision and least pain!

  1. Safely and precisely perform surgery for natural-looking and natural-feeling results
  2. High surgery result satisfaction with thin incisions
  3. Fast recovery with latest technology and surgery technique

After breast augmentation in Korea

More before and after pictures

Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

Reminder: The pictures posted are for your reference only. The result may vary depending on individual conditions.

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