Calf muscle reduction in Korea - smoother, slender legs

Calf muscle reduction

Smooth and slender legs Attractive and slim from any angle

Surgery time

Around 0.5~1 hour

Anesthesia type

Local anesthesia with sleeping sedation


Not required


3 days after surgery with waterproof bandages

Post surgery check-up

1 time (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

7~10 days after surgery (case by case)

Calf muscle reduction surgery

The calf is mainly comprised of muscles and a small amount of fat. Since in most cases, the main contributor of calf size is the muscle, therefore, liposuction might not able to bring satisfactory visible results. It’s not easy to reduce the muscle size of those with bulky calf or genetically large calf by exercise, diet, or massage. There are various methods of calf muscle reduction: botox injection (non surgical), nerve block, radiofrequency reduction, and muscle resection. All methods are non-invasive but each has its own benefits.

There are 4 methods to reduce calf muscle

Calf botox injection Calf nerve block Radiofrequency calf muscle reduction Selective calf muscle resection
Ideal candidate Small calf bulge Small calf bulge All cases All cases
Advantages Simple injection, no incision, no recovery period needed A shorter recovery period, hidden micro incision A shorter recovery period, hidden micro incision A predictable result, noticeable visible result, no maintenance needed, hidden micro incision
Disadvantages Maintenance is needed every 3~6 months, subtle calf reduction Unpredictable result, subtler reduction, usually requires more than 1 session An unpredictable result, subtler reduction Tugging feeling for 1~2 weeks

Process of calf muscle surgery

  1. Over-prominent muscle is exactly located through physical assessment
  2. Micro incision is made on the natural crease behind the knee, so it can easily be hidden
  3. Over-prominent muscle or nerve blocking is selectively reduced while safely maintaining muscle function
  4. Slim and tight calf is created

Calf muscle reduction surgery is recommended for those who

  1. Have bulky calf muscle
  2. Have unproportioned legs due to calf muscle size
  3. Have asymmetric calf due to muscle volume
  4. Cannot tone down calf muscle size by exercise, diet, or massage
  5. Wish to have balanced calf that will elongate the legs

A customized non-invasive procedure to semi-permanently reduce your calf muscle! Docfinderkorea’s bodyline contouring specialist surgeons can safely and precisely sculpt your calf.

  1. Perfect calf muscle design to match your body
  2. Safely and precisely reduce muscle so balanced, smooth, and natural leg line can be obtained
  3. Hidden micro incisions
  4. Fast recovery with latest technology and surgery technique

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Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

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