Ulthermage in Korea - Ulthera for lifting, Thermage for tightening


Kill two birds with one stone!


A combination of fast and strong lifting with solid tightening. Penetrating quickly and deeply into the skin to firmly lift and tighten. Ulthera provides strong lifting and thermage provides tightening. Improving the epidermis, dermis, and until SMAS layer—all at once.

Treatment recommendation for different skin layer

Benefit of Ulthera and Thermage

Different lasers for triple the effect—and no skin damage

Treatments are only recommended to patients as necessary based on skin condition. Docfinderkorea is a fully certified medical concierge service that has guided a countless number of international patients through plastic surgeries and dermatology procedures in Korea. We only provide information on the desired or necessary procedures.

Treatment by a medical professional with extensive expertise

In order to properly treat the skin, the lasers must maintain a precise amount of energy. It is essential to have skilled professionals treat and monitor your skin. For your treatment, you deserve to have certified, effective techniques performed with the latest in cutting-edge technology by expert dermatologists.

Certificates are used to verify product authenticity

You have ensured transparency with information to verify product authenticity. You can also receive a written certificate with the details of your treatment and the products used.