Non-incision double eyelid surgery in Korea - quick, natural results

Non-incision double eyelid

Achieve natural and beautiful double eyelids

Surgery time

Around 0.5 hour

Anesthesia type

Local anesthesia with sleeping sedation


Not required

Face wash & make up application

5 days after surgery

Post surgery check-up

1 time (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

5 days after surgery

Non-incision double eyelid

This method is suitable for those with no excess skin and fat. Through the non-incision method, the doctor will use a thread that will be placed through several small 1-2 mm incision dots on the eyelid to create the double eyelid crease.

Process of non-incision double eyelids surgery

  1. Customize double eyelid crease designed to fit your face
  2. Small incision dots are made along the eyelid (3~7 dots, as necessary)
  3. Double eyelid crease is made by designing the muscle tissues
  4. Natural and beautiful looking eyes are created

Who is eligible for non-incision double eyelids surgery?

The non-incision double eyelids surgery has the advantage of a speedy recovery time is recommended for:

  1. Those who do not have much fat
  2. Those who do not have sagging skin
  3. Those who have good skin elasticity
  4. Those who have thin skin
  5. Those who want to obtain natural surgery result
  6. Those who never had incision double eyelids surgery

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  1. Crease line will not release or loosen and will maintain its look
  2. There will be no trace of surgery left and swelling will subside within 2 to 3 days
  3. Surgery will be completed within 20 to 30 minutes

After non-incision double eyelids surgery in Korea

More before and after pictures

Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

Reminder: The pictures posted are for your reference only. The result may vary depending on individual conditions.

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