Endotine forehead lift in Korea - reduces wrinkles for youthful look

Endotine forehead lift

Smooth forehead and brighter eyes Simple surgery with powerful result

Surgery time

Around 1~2 hours

Anesthesia type

Local anesthesia with sleeping sedation


Not required

Face wash & make up application

7~10 days after surgery

Post surgery check-up

2 times (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

7~10 days after surgery

Endotine forehead lift

As we age, our eyes become saggy and droopy. Most people think that the first aid to this sign of aging is by having upper eyelids surgery such as upper blepharoplasty or sub brow lift. However, this might not be the right plan for some cases as directly removing saggy upper eyelids skin might cause a stern or angry look as the eyebrows become closer and closer to the eyes. Docfinderkorea’s board-certified anti-aging specialist understands the important and unbreakable relationship between the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes.

Forehead endotine will improve not only forehead wrinkle but also eyebrow position

Endotine forehead lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done to improve saggy forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids. This procedure corrects forehead lines, balance eyebrow position, and brighten the eyes at the same time. You can achieve a young, gentle, and bright image with 1 simple procedure.

Endotine device

Endotine is an FDA certified special device designed for lifting and fixating skin tissue. Endotine devices will be absorbed naturally by the body within 6~12 months and provide long-lasting results.

Process of endotine forehead lift surgery

  1. Before surgery
  2. Thin incisions are made behind the hairline
  3. Endotine device is inserted to precisely lift and strongly fixate saggy skin and tissue into the ideal location
  4. Uneven lines on the forehead are improved, eyebrow position becomes more balanced, and the eyes become brighter

Endotine forehead lift is recommended for those who

  1. Have deep or uneven forehead wrinkles
  2. Have low or asymmetrical eyebrow position
  3. Have crow’s feet (wrinkles at outer corner of the eyes)
  4. Have frown lines in between of the eyebrows
  5. Have saggy upper eyelids

Our most experienced anti-aging specialist surgeon can safely provide long lasting and definite result for you

  1. Absorbable FDA certified device with a quick recovery period
  2. Obtain naturally lifted and fresh face
  3. Maintain natural forehead and eyebrow movement
  4. Visible improvement and minimally invasive

After endotine forehead lift in Korea

More before and after pictures

Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

Reminder: The pictures posted are for your reference only. The result may vary depending on individual conditions.

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