Tip plasty in Korea - refines nose tip for a balanced, natural look

Tip plasty

Subtly adjust your nose tip The most natural nose can be yours

Surgery time

Around 1 hour

Anesthesia type

Local anesthesia with sleeping sedation


Not required

Face wash & make up application

7 days after surgery

Post surgery check-up

1 time (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

7~10 days after surgery

Tip plasty

With a bulbous, or rounded, tip, the nose can look wider than it actually is. A flat nose tip indicates wide nostril cartilage within the nose. A slimmer nose can be created by removing a small portion of the wide cartilage, gathering them together, and removing excess soft tissue. In many cases, for extending the nose, the tip is also a necessary factor to create a perfect nose. Depending on the nose there may be additional grafting using your own ear cartilage, septum (nose) cartilage, fascia (connective tissue), or dermis (skin).

Process of tip plasty

  1. The surgeon diagnoses the condition of a wide nose tip
  2. Natural, elegant, and slim nose tip is created by gathering the wide nose tip cartilage. If necessary, additional autologous (your own) grafting material will be used

Who is eligible for tip plasty?

Re-design your nose tip’s height, angle, and profile line to create a nose you can be proud of.

We recommend tip plasty for

  1. Those who have a flat and stubby nose tip
  2. Those who have short or upturned nose tip
  3. Those who have droopy nose tip
  4. Those who have wide nose tip
  5. Those who have slanted nose tip

Enhance your nose by using your own material. The perfect surgery for the most natural looking nose!

  1. Create balanced facial proportions with a slimmer nose
  2. Improve the nose tip to create an elegant and harmonious look

After tip plasty in Korea

More before and after pictures

Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

Reminder: The pictures posted are for your reference only. The result may vary depending on individual conditions.

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