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In 2010, facial contouring surgeries were not popular like they are today. Cutting into the jawbone felt extreme, and the long recovery period of bone contouring surgeries was enough to make anyone think twice. The surgeries were also considered dangerous and risky due to the proximity between the surgical sites and facial nerves and blood vessels. As a result, facial contouring surgeries were intended for only post-accident facial reconstructions. But now, these surgeries also fulfill cosmetic purposes.

History of facial contouring surgery in Korea

Throughout the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of Korean plastic surgeons studying and accumulating experience in facial contouring. Consequently, this improves the safety and success of facial contouring surgeries and naturally lowers barriers for those who want to go through the procedure. For example, before v-line surgery became popular, it was used as a way to improve jaw structure and shape for those with significant asymmetry or disharmonious large jaws. But once it was revealed that among Korean celebrities getting facial contouring surgeries is as common as getting eyes or nose surgeries, facial contouring surgery became a huge sensation throughout the whole country and now even all around the globe. Facial contouring surgeries are no longer considered risky or difficult, and for recipient individuals, facial contouring surgery is both safe and rewarding. With our surgeons’ vast clinical experience, you can look forward to a truly stunning success.

What is the difference between Maxillofacial surgery and Facial contouring surgery?

For maxillofacial (two jaw) surgery, the main objective is to correct malocclusions (bite misalignment) that result from overbites, underbites, or open bites. Performed for decades, two jaw surgery —also known as orthognathic surgery— has gone through countless clinical trials to help transform jawlines for happier, healthier lives.

Facial contouring surgeries and two jaw surgery are not only popular among Koreans. As knowledge of Korea’s top-of-the-line surgeons, cutting-edge techniques, and beautiful medical results spreads, medical tourism in Korea has skyrocketed; visitors from all over the world come to Korea to undergo v-line, zygoma (cheekbone), and two jaw surgeries.

Do I need Maxillofacial surgery or Facial contouring surgery?

Facial contouring surgery with Docfinderkorea

Docfinderkorea introduces you to first-class doctors with the best skills to precisely sculpt your face into perfection. With the advancement of plastic surgery, the number of hospitals specializing in facial contouring and two jaw surgeries in Korea has increased. As the surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and required to circumvent facial nerves and blood vessels, it is essential to consult with a professional medical team to ensure a capable surgeon will perform the surgery. Undergoing surgery with an inexperienced surgeon can have costly consequences, such as asymmetric cheekbones or a misaligned jawline. Every patient should be able to go through a full examination, receive an exact diagnosis, and undergo surgery at a trustworthy, qualified hospital.

Docfinderkorea is a fully certified medical concierge service that has guided a countless number of international patients through facial contouring and two jaw surgeries. Here to escort you safely through your medical journey, we know what you need before, during, and after surgery.

Full facial contouring surgery: Cheekbone + Angular jaw + Chin + Accusculpt (excess fat removal)

Finding Qualified Facial Contouring Surgeons in Korea

There are two main categories of facial contouring: reduction and enlargement.

In Asia, prevailing beauty standards lean towards a slim oval face shape. While many people in western countries prefer to enlarge the jaw, the majority of patients who come to Korea for surgery aim to achieve a slender and defined jawline from top Korean surgeons. Korean surgeons are known for their incredible skill in facial contouring; it only takes up to two hours to surgically create a beautiful and natural facial contour for those with a wide jaw and large cheekbones. Most importantly facial contouring and two jaw surgeries leave no visible scar.

Facial outline for feminine image and masculine image

Ideal side profile (forehead and chin) angle proportion

How to find the best facial contouring surgeon in Korea

Regardless of the popularity of facial contouring, it is critical to find a professional surgeon with great experience in the field. Facial contouring requires a high level of ability and precision, especially as revision surgery should be avoided at all costs. It is necessary to receive a thorough consultation, medical test, and screening with a certified medical team.

If you are looking for a slender, elegant v-line like your favorite celebrities, Docfinderkorea can help you locate and operate with the best of the best facial contouring specialists. Docfinderkorea delivers the information you need for the results you want, whether your goal is to transform your masculine and strong look, create a gentler image, or find a hospital specializing in facial feminization surgery (FFS).

Docfinderkorea provides a complete concierge service and recommends only the top qualified surgeons specializing in facial contouring and two jaw surgeries with thousands of successful cases.

Before and after pictures

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