Breast reduction in Korea - restore health and confidence

Breast reduction

Obtain golden breast ratio! Less burden, more beauty

Surgery time

Around 2~4 hours

Anesthesia type

General anesthesia


1 night


3 days after surgery with waterproof bandages

Post surgery check-up

2~4 times (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

7~14 days after surgery (case by case)

Breast reduction

There are many women with large breasts who are under not only physical pain but also psychological burden. Not only can large breasts lead to physical pain in the neck and shoulders, herniated cervical discs, and dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), large breasts can also lead to low self-esteem. From utility to aesthetics to health, breast reduction can improve a range of issues to help reshape your breasts and restore your confidence. There are a few surgical methods patients can choose from depending on the amount the breasts will be reduced and the degree of the breast's sagginess. Nevertheless, the essence of breast reduction is to make remove excess skin and breast tissue and then reposition the nipple and areola to an ideal position (breast golden ratio).

Breast golden ratio: distance between collarbone and nipple, distance between nipples, and the length between nipple and inframammary fold (the lower boundary of the breast)

There are three incisional methods to reduce breast size: the areola incision, vertical incision, and breast fold incision. The incisional methods are mainly determined by the current size of the breasts and the percentage it will be reduced. Depending on the case severity, a combination of two or three incisions may be used. Breast reduction surgery is more than simply reducing the size, it’s for restoring health and confidence.

Breasts are categorized as excessively large breasts case if the distance from the upper to lower breast is over 20 cm or the volume of one breast is over 400 cc

Symptoms of excessively large breasts

  1. Chronic pain on shoulder, back, and breast
  2. Herniated disc in the neck
  3. Scoliosis
  4. Persistent headache
  5. Stretch marks on the lower breast
  6. Eczema in the lower breast area
  7. Low self-esteem, mental disorder, or social anxiety

The degree of breast volume and sagging determines the surgical method, incision, and stitches. If the patient’s case is not severe, the areola incisional method is preferred, but if there is a large amount of tissue that needs to be removed, the vertical and or breast fold incision can be added to the surgery plan.

Areola incision method

The areola incision is used if the breasts are not too large or sagging and the surgical plan calls for a reduction of 150 to 200 grams in each breast. Liposuction may also be combined with this breast reduction method.

Surgery characteristic

  • Effective if the breasts are not extremely large
  • A short operation time and recovery period to quickly return to daily life
  • Recommended for unmarried women and will not affect breastfeeding after childbirth
  • Thin incision around the areola will become barely visible
  • Sense of touch on the areola may decrease after surgery

Areola + breast fold incision method

This method is adequate for those with relatively small breasts with only a little asymmetry. An incision is made around the areola and under the breast fold.

Surgery characteristic

  • Effective if only subtle correction for breast asymmetry is needed
  • Shortest surgery time

Lollipop (areola + vertical) incision method

An incision is made in a straight line starting from the lower areola if there is a great amount of excess skin or tissue that needs to be removed. Even when the breasts have a lot of tissue that needs to be removed, the result is an incredibly natural look. The nipples can be corrected to an ideal position. The inframammary fold position will not be changed. This incision combination is also known as the lollipop incision.

Surgery characteristic

  • Natural breast shape
  • Preserves the sense of touch on the areola and has no effect on breastfeeding
  • Lower breast skin can be removed to correct sagging breasts
  • Combines benefits of areola and inverted T-shape incisions to reduce large breasts

Anchor (areola + vertical + breast fold) incision method

For those who have excessive breast tissue or extremely sagging breasts, all three combination incision is ideal for correcting oversized breasts. The nipples can be corrected to an ideal position. This incision combination is also known as anchor incision.

Surgery characteristic

  • Effective for reducing oversized and sagging breasts
  • Reduces the skin on the lower breast for better elasticity
  • Great improvement for those with extremely oversized breasts

Breast reduction is recommended for those who

  1. Have disproportionally large breasts
  2. Have chronic pain in the neck and back due to breast size
  3. Have skin ailments because of heavily sagging breasts
  4. Have large and sagging breasts
  5. Unsatisfied with breast size or shape

Reduce pressure on the neck and back to get beautiful, well-balanced breast proportions. For obtaining the golden ratio, choose breast reduction with our breast specialist surgeon.

  1. Safely and precisely perform surgery for natural looking, well-toned, and supple breasts results
  2. High surgery result satisfaction with thin incisions
  3. Fast recovery with latest technology and surgery technique

After breast reduction in Korea

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