Facial fat graft in Korea - Minimally invasive, uses own fat for youthful appearance

Facial fat graft

For fresh and youthful look The fountain of youth!

Surgery time

Around 0.5~1.5 hour (depending on how many areas)

Anesthesia type

Local anesthesia with sleeping sedation


Not required

Face wash & make up application

7 days after surgery

Post surgery check-up

1 time (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

Not required or 7 days after surgery

Facial fat graft

This simple procedure is also commonly known as fat transfer. This procedure is minimally invasive and effective for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Fat graft is performed to improve volume and shape on not only the face but also the body (such as breasts and buttocks). This procedure is the safest as it utilizes autologous (one’s own) fat. Harvested fat from the donor site (usually thighs or abdomen) is grafted to recipient area(s) on the face such as the forehead, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, temples, nasolabial folds (smile lines), and chin. Fat graft results in a 3-dimensional and fresh face. After the fat is grafted, it is important to abstain from tobacco and maintain body weight. This will help the grafted fat to survive and settle completely. PRP and stem cell is also used to increase the fat survival rate. If necessary, it is completely safe to perform more than one session of fat graft.

A larger volume of pure fat can be extracted with our best lipokit

Process of facial fat graft surgery

  1. Fat on donor site is harvested
  2. Fat cells are separated through the centrifugation process by a special lipokit device
  3. Pure autologous fat cells are grafted evenly to desired areas with nano cannula. A natural, fresh, and youthful looking face is created

Facial fat graft is recommended for those who

  1. Have flat or hollow cheeks
  2. Want to improve nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  3. Have sunken upper eyelids
  4. Have flat or uneven forehead
  5. Have a tired looking face due to face flatness
  6. Want to improve asymmetrical face volume (for example: left cheek is more sunken, etc)
  7. Want to look fresh with more volume on face

Simple procedure to instantly make your face look young and fresh!

  1. Safely and precisely re-arrange fat from an excess area and transfer it to the target area(s) on the face
  2. No more uneven skin surface! You can have silky smooth skin
  3. Experienced in safe and effective fat grafting to delicate areas such as upper eyelids
  4. Enhance skin elasticity
  5. Re-design facial contour into fresh and youthful looking

After facial fat graft in Korea

More before and after pictures

Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

Reminder: The pictures posted are for your reference only. The result may vary depending on individual conditions.

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