When can a patient return to normal daily activities after the facelift surgery?

If the patient isn't very bruised or swollen, they can return to daily activities three days after the surgery. However, they should avoid activities that may increase blood pressure, such as lifting heavy objects, as these can cause bleeding and worsen bruising.

How long will the results of a facelift last after surgery?

The surgery will make a patinet look about 10 years younger. They will naturally continue to age over time, but they will still look younger than their actual age.

Will the scar be visible after a face and neck lift?

The incision is usually placed in areas that are not very visible and heal well. The only place where a scar may remain is behind the ears.

When is the final surgery result?

Significant swelling and bruising will usually subside during the first month. In about three months, the patient can see some results and most sensations will return. The final result can be seen in 6 months to 1 year, depending on the individual's recovery speed.

Are Docfinderkorea services FREE?

Docfinderkorea is a medical tourism company accredited by the Korean government. Our services are free because we work on a commission basis with the clinics. The commission does not affect the price we offer as they have fixed pricelists. Therefore, whether you come through Docfinderkorea or come to clinic yourself, the price of the surgery will be the same. You may confirm this by contacting them and comparing the quotes. However, the clinics will offer better discounts if you come through our service.

Can I bring a friend or loved one with me?

It is your decision if you would like someone to accompany you during this surgery holiday. Docfinderkorea will not charge you extra for accommodation or in-country transport, given they are staying in your room.

How is the quality of hospitals?

Our partner clinics hold high standards and the quality of care is outstanding. Clinics use the latest and most advanced equipment, and the surgeons are experienced for over 10 years. Docfinderkorea only selects hospitals that have been accredited by Ministry of health and welfare, ensuring high quality care.