Real reviews


Real reviews

Nose revision




Hey guys

I just landed in Amsterdam! Hehe still waiting for my flight to Bristol!

Just wanted to pop in here and thank everyone so much for everything while I was in Korea ❤❤❤

Thank you Suzy! For organising everything and also for providing all the information to me. Everything wouldn't be possible without you ❤

And thank you soooo much Lauren for following me to all my consultations, being there for me before and after the surgery and even helping me order food and bringing me to the saloon after surgery ❤❤ I really appreciate it so much!

And thank you Jisuuuu! For also accompanying me for my doctors visits and coming to bring me to buy cough medication when though it was after working hours! ❤❤

Thank you guys sooooo much ❤❤ I hope to see you guys again in the future if and when I do another procedure in Korea ❤

Take care guys and thank you all soooo much again ❤