Two jaw surgery in Korea - corrects jaw alightment

Two jaw

Combining beauty with purpose Correcting both form and function

Surgery time

Around 1~4 hours

Anesthesia type

General anesthesia


2~3 nights

Face wash & make up application

7 days after surgery

Post surgery check-up

2 times (depending on the patient's condition)

Stitches removal

14 days after surgery

Two jaw

Also known as corrective jaw surgery. Two jaw surgery is considered both practical and cosmetic surgery. The two jaw surgery corrects teeth misalignment (malocclusions) of the upper and lower teeth to improve disorders affecting the masticatory (chewing) muscles. What differentiates facial asymmetry correction by two jaw surgery or facial contouring surgery is whether the jawbone itself is slanted to one side or its size is unbalanced and asymmetrical. Two jaw surgery will improve not only your physical appearance but also the conditions and functions of your jaw which is related to health problems such as: sleep apnea, jaw joint disorder, and chewing problem. In almost all cases, two jaw surgery has to be performed with v-line surgery. As two jaw surgery requires hyper-precise pre-surgery preparations, patients should come 1 week before surgery.

Process of two jaw surgery

  1. Hyper-precise pre-surgery test is performed 1 week before surgery
  2. Upper jaw is corrected and moved to an ideal position
  3. Lower jaw is corrected, moved to an ideal position, and aligned with the upper jaw
  4. The newly designed upper and lower jaw are securely and firmly fixed with titanium pins
  5. If necessary temporary orthodontic elastic bands will be used until further recovery

If necessary specialist surgeon will also recommend additional facial outline contouring surgery.

For facial outline balance and improvements, facial contouring surgery is very commonly performed together with two jaw surgery

If there is facial outline contour asymmetry, then it’s highly recommended to have chin and or angular jaw correction to be performed together with two jaw surgery.

What about dental braces?

Dental braces can improve your teeth' alignment. Nevertheless, dental braces will not be able to improve jaw misalignment and asymmetry. If necessary dental braces are done before and or after surgery to improve the teeth alignments, however, this depends on each patient’s case.

Two jaw surgery is recommended for those who

  1. Have an asymmetrical and or significantly long jaw
  2. Have a lower jaw that sticks in or out significantly further than the upper jaw
  3. Have an upper jaw that sticks out significantly further than the lower jaw
  4. Have both upper and lower jaw that sticks out and look unbalanced to the upper (forehead, eyes) and middle (nose, cheek) part of the face
  5. Have teeth misalignment
  6. Have crooked mouth
  7. Have jaw(s) that leans toward one side
  8. Have unbalanced or long philtrum (area between nose and mouth)
  9. Have a gummy smile
  10. Have a chewing problem

With two jaw surgery, the upper and lower jaw will be corrected, leaving you undoubtedly satisfied with improvements in both function and aesthetics. Trust our oral and maxillofacial specialist surgeon who can perform precise surgery without even 0.1mm miscalculation!

  1. Hyper-precise pre-surgery preparations to ensure a flawless result
  2. Obtain aesthetic, jaw function, and health improvements
  3. Facial nerves are protected as much as possible
  4. Quick recovery to the daily routine

After two jaw surgery in Korea

More before and after pictures

Great improvement can be expected if this surgery is performed together with:

Reminder: The pictures posted are for your reference only. The result may vary depending on individual conditions.

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