One day brightening treatment in Korea - deep skin improvements

One day brightening treatment

Tone up your skin in one day

One-day brightening treatment

Get glowing skin with an all-around solution. Radiant skin lets your true beauty shine through. Regardless of age, exposure to UV rays can accelerate aging and make your skin look dull and dark. Even if you apply makeup or skincare, it can be applied to the epidermis— the outermost layer of your skin—is not enough for your skin to absorb the active ingredients as much as is needed. One-day brightening treatment provides pigmentation and wrinkle improvement from deep into the skin, creating an extremely effective whitening care program.

Different causes, different solutions! State-of-the-art equipment for beautiful, glowing skin. Everyone’s skin is different, and so are the causes of pigmentation. With lasers for each skin concern, get clear, brightening results. We have the solution for: freckles, dilated blood vessels, redness, skin elasticity, pores, dry skin, and scars.

Devices used for one-day brightening treatment

Process of professional one-day brightening treatment

  1. Cleansing

    To verify the skin’s condition, we remove any makeup and cleanse your face
  2. Analysis

    A digital image analyzer is used to take images of the patient’s skin
  3. Diagnosis

    A dermatology specialist diagnoses the skin condition and recommend a treatment program
  4. Anesthetic

    To ensure maximum comfort during treatment, we apply an anesthetic cream
  5. Laser Toning

    A laser is used to remove skin pigmentation for an overall brighter skin tone
  6. IPL

    This laser improves skin elasticity and removes any blemishes
  7. Fraxel

    The laser tightens the skin, reduces the size of the pores, and removes any additional pigmentation
  8. Aqua glossy PRP treatment

    A combination of hyaluronic acid and PRP is injected to improve skin cell production, moisture, anti-aging, and fine wrinkles
  9. Rejuran healer

    This device restores the skin by rejuvenating damaged tissue
  10. Ionzyme therapy

    Supplements treatment by helping the skin rejuvenate and absorb nutrients with ultrasonic waves
  11. Light therapy

    Relaxes the skin and relieves any swelling for a fast recovery

The benefit of one-day brightening treatment

  1. Remarkable whitening improvement
  2. Improves skin conditions like freckles and blemishes
  3. Improves fine lines and wrinkles and delays signs of aging
  4. A simple procedure that allows immediate return to daily activities
  5. A safe procedure with almost no pain or side effects