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Free service

What we offer

Docfinderkorea provides FREE and ALL-INCLUSIVE services

Abundant experience in the medical tourism industry allows us to anticipate all possible needs and deliver the best services and experiences to our clients. We ensure a stress-free and comfortable stay in Korea for our clients as we will take care of all arrangements.

From online consultation, appointment reservation, transportation, medication, to shopping tour; everything is included in our service package; including personal case manager who will accompany and assist you throughout the entire process.

Personalized online consultation

Docfinderkorea offers a personalized online consultation with the best plastic surgery clinics and dermatology centers! Through online consultation you can receive doctor's diagnosis, treatment plans, and price quotations from multiple prestigious clinics, as well as comprehensive information regarding surgery, surgeon, and clinic.

Reservation and coordination

Docfinderkorea will assist you in arranging all consultation, surgery, and follow-up appointments. Transportation, hotel, and beauty (hair, nail, eyelash) salon booking is also included in our free services.


Docfinderkorea provides all prescribed surgery medications. Furthermore, a complimentary box of pumpkin juice will be provided for faster deswelling.

Personal case manager

Your Docfinderkorea personal case manager will guide you to all medical appointments from the first consultation to the final check-up with your doctor. She will assist you in every step including hospital admission, discharge, etc. Your case manager can also provide assistance in medical advice, purchasing your prescribed medication, dressing, applying ointments, and many more. You can contact us anytime when you have any questions, concerns, or when you need assistance in any matter.


Docfinderkorea provides airport transfer to/from your accommodation in a private vehicle; transportation to all medical schedules, moving accommodation, and shopping tour in Seoul. Additionally, we provide transportation if you return to Korea for a check-up within 1 year after surgery.


Docfinderkorea provides city tour or shopping tour for all surgery patients. You may choose between our recommended program or free program. For our recommended program, we will be your guide to popular attractions in Seoul. For the free program, you can select your own destination and we will be your personal translator.