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Medical tourism sector

With its advanced technology that allows for swift and long-lasting outcomes, combined with its history of medical expertise, South Korea has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination in recent years. In an attempt to boost the nation's growth, the South Korean government has been working hard in recent years to promote medical tourism. And, as a result of the nation's medical centers' efforts to advertise its expertise and equipment, more foreigners are now coming to South Korea for medical care than ever before.


Why South Korea

South Korea has gained international recognition as one of the top nations for plastic surgery, and for good reason. South Korea is known as the Capital of Cosmetic Surgery and has the biggest number of cosmetic surgeries performed anywhere in the world.

Despite the fact that practically all major countries in the world conduct cosmetic surgery, there are a number of reasons to consider South Korean procedures. This nation's clinics are renowned for using some of the safest techniques, which reduce the procedure's hazards. Any kind of chronic disease in the candidate's medical history is taken into consideration and the candidate's history is extensively researched before executing a procedure. The intervention chosen for the candidate is determined by looking at their noteworthy medical history.

Plastic surgery surgeons have decades of experience and are well-known worldwide. Every surgeon and consultant working in South Korean cosmetic surgery clinics is renowned for their outstanding skills and careful performance of the treatments. It is also known that every medical practitioner who works with the candidates has graduated from one of the best medical universities, demonstrating their diligence and skill. Given that the majority of operations performed in South Korean plastic surgery clinics are now performed by robotic surgeries and state-of-the-art technologies, all medical professionals receive considerable training to stay up to date with the latest developments in medicine.

Its reasonable cost is also a major factor in the hundreds of applicants who choose plastic surgery in South Korea. In comparison with many other major countries worldwide, plastic surgery costs are lower in South Korea. Thousands of dollars may be spent on plastic surgery costs, whether they are cosmetic or reconstructive. But South Korea's prices are fair, far less expensive than those in the US, UK, and other countries.

All plastic surgery facilities in South Korea, despite their large number, have state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge equipment. Every piece of equipment required for improved safety, accuracy, and patient satisfaction is present in the clinics.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably interested in cosmetic procedures performed in South Korea and you are planning to undergo the procedure that you always dreamed about, but you are probably still hesitating about which medical agency to rely on. Don’t stress out and don’t waste your time here is the answer that you were seeking: Docfinderkorea.


Why You Should Use Docfinderkorea

It can take a lot of work to navigate the different aspects of medical tourism in an entirely different country. Docfinderkorea provides professional advice and support at every stage of the procedure. As your go-to resource for everything from pre-consultations and medical evaluations to booking travel and post-treatment care, we will be there to offer sound counsel and information at every turn.

Due to our extensive experience in the medical tourism sector, we are able to anticipate all needs and provide our clients with the best possible experiences and services. We take care of all the arrangements, so our clients can enjoy a stress-free and relaxing vacation in Korea. All services, including a personal case manager who will support and guide you through the entire process, are included in our package, including online consultations, appointment scheduling, transportation, medicine, and shopping tours.

In search of shortened wait times, patients seeking esthetic procedures abroad, frequently choose to go through a medical tourism agency. Getting the treatment you need much more quickly is possible with a medical tourism concierge. For instance, it enables patients to receive high-quality services and have their procedures performed at a reasonable cost and with reduced wait periods. In numerous other instances, patients might begin receiving treatment on their arrival day, which is a much quicker turnaround time than the protracted wait times found while traveling on their ones.

Docfinderkorea offers patients the greatest opportunity to see some of the world's top physicians in South Korea as they are seeking care from highly qualified specialists. Essentially, this implies that you don't have to wait months or even years to receive the care you need.

These are some of the services Docfinderkorea provides:

- Detailed hospital and doctor information

- Airport pickup and drop-off

- Accommodation reservations

- Transportation to and from clinic apportionments

- Prescribed surgery medications

- 1:1 translation

- Post-op care and aftercare

- And more!


Personalized online consultation

Docfinderkorea provides a free, no-obligation online consultation with the top dermatology and plastic surgery clinics! You can get detailed information about surgery, surgeon, and clinic, as well as a doctor's diagnosis, treatment plans, and cost quotes from several prominent clinics, by scheduling an online consultation.


Reservation and coordination

Docfinderkorea will help you schedule all of your consultations, procedures, and post-operative visits. Our complimentary services also include lodging, transportation, and bookings for beauty salon treatments (hair, nails, and lashes).



Docfinderkorea offers every prescription medicine needed for surgery. Additionally, a free box of pumpkin juice will be given for quicker deswelling.


Personal case manager

Your own Docfinderkorea case manager will accompany you to all doctor appointments, from the initial consultation to the last examination. She will help you at every stage, from admission to discharge from the hospital, etc. In addition, your case manager can help with buying prescription drugs, getting medical advice, dressing, putting ointments on, and much more. You can get in touch with us at any moment if you need help with anything, or have any questions, or issues.



In addition to relocating accommodations, transportation to all medical appointments, private vehicle transportation from the airport to your lodging, and a shopping trip to Seoul are all included. Furthermore, we arrange transportation for you if, within a year following surgery, you need to return to Korea for a check-up.



All surgical patients can choose from a shopping or city tour. We offer a free program or one that we highly suggest. We will be your tour guide to the top Seoul attractions for the schedule we suggest. We will serve as your personal translator for the duration of the free program, during which you can choose your own location.




Why should I choose Korea for my medical trip?

In a nutshell, excellent service and cutting-edge technology

Plastic surgeries are the most common surgery performed by Korean surgeons, who are renowned for their exceptional performance and wide range of procedures. Korean surgeons have the opportunity to go beyond academic knowledge, get a considerable deal of practical experience, and even develop novel techniques in cosmetic surgery because of the large number of cosmetic surgeries performed in Korea.

Even if there are a lot of excellent surgeons with high levels of skill in other countries, the process, the safe medical facility, the high technologies and techniques used and the associated costs are important considerations for anyone seeking medical care abroad. For many, this is the reason that having a top-notch surgeon located in Korea would be the ideal option. Korea is now referred to as the global center for cosmetic surgeries (nose job, double eyelid surgery, liposuction, facial contouring, and much more) due to its increasing popularity as a plastic surgery destination.


Is medical tourism safe? Is Docfinderkorea safe?

Remember that risk is a part of every medical procedure, whether it takes place in a hospital hundreds of kilometers away from your homeland or a clinic right outside your door. This is important to keep in mind before delving into medical tourism safety. Yet, Docfinderkorea as the oldest and biggest medical tourism agency in Korea, makes every effort to offer their customers the safest possible care and take all necessary safety measures to avoid endangering the health of their patients. Online consultations and onsite consultations after arrival and before surgery are crucial for reducing risks and having a successful procedure. We work exclusively with reputable recognized facilities, knowledgeable board-certified physicians, and courteous personnel to ensure high-quality medical care and service. We are a registered medical tourism firm in Korea.


Is medical tourism services right for me?

Are you looking for procedures that will cost less than they would back home? Are you looking to undergo cosmetic procedures/treatments performed by a top-notch surgeon? If so, arranging a medical tourism appointment with us could be a wise choice for you.


Is docfinderkorea fully licensed and government-approved?

Absolutely! Docfinderkorea possesses a valid Korean firm registration and a Korean medical tourism license granted by the Korean government. Additionally, has an excellent standing with all governmental organizations.


For how long should I stay in Korea during my medical trip?

We advise 7~14 days for medical tourism in Korea. However, the amount of time required will differ based on the procedure you choose.

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