Why Facial Feminization Surgery is Popular in Korea?



Why Facial Feminization Surgery is Popular in Korea?








Males who desire a more feminine appearance or who are redefining who they are as well as women who feel that their faces are not feminine enough are the target audience for facial feminization surgery. Patients undergoing femininization surgery hope to feel more connected to their inner selves as well as more assimilated into a society that frequently discriminates against them. To get tailored outcomes, these feminization procedures can also be paired with surgical and medicinal techniques, whether they are intended for cosmetics or rejuvenation.


What is a Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

The phrase Facial Feminization surgery refers to a broad range of procedures that feminize the masculine face. Nonetheless, the faces and skulls of men and women differ anatomically in a variety of ways. Compared to a female, a male's face is bigger, square, and has sharper angles. The male has a more prominent nose bridge and a bigger nose. The woman's face has softer lines and is typically heart-shaped, smaller, and more oval in shape. The eye sockets are larger the eyebrows stand higher and the highest point is more towards the lateral third.

While most cosmetic surgeries aim towards making people look better, their primary objective is to remain true to who they are. The transgender individual wants a significant transformation after undergoing facial feminization surgery.

Every face has an identity, thus to get the best results possible for every patient, surgeons will make use of a variety of strategies and factors during surgery. The following are the primary points that should be noted:


-     The forehead and eyebrows, make up the majority of the top face.

-     In the center, are the nose, eyes, and cheekbones (Zygoma).

-     The lips, chin, jaws, and Adam's apple are considered to be in the lower part of the face.


Procedures performed as part of the Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)


The region that makes up the majority of space in the upper portion of the face is the forehead. The foreheads of men and women differ in three primary ways:

- The foreheads of men are larger and have more distinguishing characteristics than those of women.

- The forehead of the female is smoother, whereas the male bears a hollow bony crest over the eyes.

The woman has a rounder, more vertical forehead, whereas the man's is more slanted toward the rear.

In order to address a female forehead feature, surgical procedures will be suggested.

- Hairline advancement: men may have a receding hairline or one with a prominence at the temples. The hairline is advanced and the prominent points are eliminated using scalp advancement. This is achieved by making incisions in the scalp. This results in a more normal feminine hairline—one that is rounder.

- Brow lift: lifting the eyebrows produces an overall more feminine appearance since the male-appearing eyebrow is positioned lower on the forehead. The eyebrows can be raised in several ways.


- Forehead and Orbital Rim contouring: the distinctive extra bone above the eyebrows, especially in the lower forehead and over the eyes, is indicative of a male-type forehead. The forehead bone can be adjusted into a more feminine position and the "extra" bone removed to make a powerful transformation that is necessary for the feminization of the top part of the face. Our partner clinics have conducted groundbreaking analyses that illustrate the changes in proportional volume and contour between the faces of men and women, using hundreds of intricate 3-D facial scans. This research enables the creation of a feminization surgery strategy that nearly achieves the best outcome for a wide range of facial shapes.



When observing a face, the eyes as well as the eyelids serve as the main focus point and can reveal plenty of information about a person's personality and emotions. But as people age, their eyelids may change. A lovely and feminine look is produced around the eyes by rejuvenating them, widening the orbits, and ensuring that the eyelids appear younger.



Given that the nose is in the middle of the face, it could be a clear indicator of gender as well. There are some notable distinctions between the noses of men and women.

The noses of men and women differ in size; the male's nose is longer and wider than the female nose.

Females' noses are more curved, and men's nasal bridges are more arched or straight.

Thus, a rhinoplasty is done to make the nose more feminine by making it smaller so that it blends in with the rest of the feminized face around it. Remodeling the nose with a rhinoplasty modifies its structure by reshaping its cartilage and bone.

These are the three female rhinoplasty surgeries that might be provided:

- Reduction Rhinoplasty: for patients who are Caucasian, the procedure is usually advised to reduce the nose tip, lateral bones, hump, and alar-plasty.

- Augmentation Rhinoplasty: Asians are the primary targeted patients for this procedure, which involves augmentation of the nose tip and the nasal bridge. The components required for nose augmentation are mainly rib cartilage and silicone implants.

- To get more desired effects, some non-Caucasians could require nasal tip augmentation and nasal bridge width reduction.



One feature of feminine beauty is the lips. Male lips are inherently thinner and more straight, whereas female lips are broader, curvier, and more full.


Facial contouring

The majority of the lower face is made up of the jawline and chin. In contrast to women, who possess more curved, slightly pointed chins, men possess wider, more prominent chins. Men have bigger salivary glands, more muscles, and a more bent jaw than women have. Women's salivary glands are unnoticeable.

The woman's chin is more curvaceous and somewhat pointed, with fewer protruding features than the man's broad and prominent chin. Compared to women, men have narrower jaws and unseen salivary glands, while men have wider jaws with more projecting muscles.

It is often recognized that the female face has high, pronounced cheekbones, with the cheeks being the broadest area of the face. The face can look considerably more feminine by having cheek augmentation with implants or fat grafting to the cheekbones. There is a lovely, naturally occurring curve to the face that gives it a lovely, feminine appeal.

These are mainly the three female facial contouring procedures that might be recommended:

- Angular jaw correction

- Cheekbones reduction or augmentation

- Chin augmentation or reduction

Face and neck lift

A procedure such as a facelift along with a neck lift can play a significant role in facial rejuvenation procedures, even though they are usually performed to help prevent the effects of facial aging. Manly traits in the face may show more as it ages. As a result, lessening wrinkles and extra skin on the neck and face might lead to the face seeming more feminine. A significant component of FFS can involve facelifts and neck lifts.


Tracheal shaving

In the male neck, the thyroid cartilage, often known as the Adam's Apple, is bigger and more pronounced. The neck can be altered to have a smoother, more feminine contour by reducing its protrusion. Surgeons will be using a cutting-edge scarless method to feminize the neck and shrink the cartilage without creating any scars or incisions in the neck.


Why Get Facial Feminization Surgery in Korea?

South Korea has become the leader in new cutting-edge innovations in the plastic surgery field. These innovations have led to a high demand for plastic surgery and beauty in Korea. Several desirable features are a small face and jaw, large eyes, a slim nose, antiaging, and perfect skin.


Candidates of Facial Feminization Surgery

Not every individual needs to go through a full facial feminization surgery as each person has their beauty standards and desires. As a result, FFS is recommended for those who have angular or masculine facial features, someone with a wide nose tip, hooked nose, or low nose bridge, and those who have a strong or long forehead.  


What is the Recovery Like from Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

Given the tendency to yield both favorable and dramatic outcomes for patients, facial feminization surgery, or FFS, is one of the most satisfying surgical procedures. The surgical technique used will have a significant impact on the recovery process. Usually, the recovery period from facial feminization surgery depends on the procedures that were done. Also, everyone has different recovery speeds and healing times. Thus, the surgical procedures and associated recovery time will be discussed by the doctor during the in-person consultation. The patient will typically require three weeks of downtime. For most FFS procedures, swelling and bruising are normal, and it is important to follow the post-surgical care instructed by the surgeon.


Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Before and After

The majority of the time, Facial feminization surgery (FFS) will take time for the results to settle in. The patient will most likely see 80% of the outcome in three months and 100% of the final results in six months to one year. In the before and after pictures below, patients after facial feminization surgery have a more feminine image and their faces show smoother and petite features compared to before.








Should I postpone having FFS until after I start hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Holding off is not required. In the weeks leading up to and following your procedure, your surgeon might, nevertheless, request that you temporarily stop taking HRT or cut back on it for safety concerns. Even without hormone replacement therapy, patients who possess self-assurance and a clear understanding of their goals are suitable candidates for feminization surgery.


Does Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) leave visible scars?

The majority of facial feminization surgery incisions are made in discrete locations, where they usually heal rather well. Our partner clinics have several methods that can assist in lessening the look of scars from surgery, particularly if you tend to develop keloids or "bad" scars.


What should I expect during the recovery time after having a Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

The following is a basic guide to recovering from facial surgery:

- Following facial plastic surgery, bruises and swelling are typical side effects. Black eyes and other bruises might require between four and six weeks to heal.

- Pain and discomfort: Following surgery, most people feel some pain or discomfort for four to five days. However, this should progressively go away, allowing you to resume your regular activities. Along with additional advice on what's safe to do and when your doctor will also give you guidelines on how to resume work and exercise. You can be temporarily restricted from engaging in strenuous activity, heavy lifting, or other activities.

- Removal of tape, gauze, drains, splints, or compression dressings should not be done by yourself. During your initial clinical visit following your procedure, the doctor will remove these things along with examining the surgical area.

- Until your very first post-surgery check-up appointment comes around and your doctor gives the all-clear to start bathing again, refrain from taking a shower and instead use a gentle sponge bath. Never let the water spray directly over the surgical site when taking a bath or shower, and use soap without fragrance. Unless your doctor gives the all-clear, refrain from shaving or other hair removal methods like waxing.


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Several distinct procedures commonly referred to as "facial feminization surgery" are used to remove male characteristics from an individual's face to for them appear more feminine. While this type of surgery is unquestionably well-known and advantageous for the transgender community, biological females are not the only ones who can choose it. Facial Feminization surgery in Korea is a popular option for individuals with gender dysphoria or those who want to create a more feminine appearance. When choosing a surgeon, it is crucial to look for someone experienced and willing to listen to your concerns and goals. Contact Docfinderkorea and book your consultation today!