What is Under-Eye Fat Repositioning in Korea?



What is Under-Eye Fat Repositioning in Korea?


What is Under-Eye Fat Repositioning in Korea?

Under-eye fat repositioning surgery is popular in South Korea as it is an effective solution for concerns such as dark circles, puffiness, and eye bags. As we age, our skin starts to sag, and the delicate skin around our eyes can change, leading to bulging under eye bags or puffiness. The tissues around our eyes start weakening, including some of the muscles supporting the eyelids. The fat that supports the eyes can move into the lower eyelids, causing eye bags.

What are the different reasons for Eye bags?

  • Skin and muscle sagging: The lower eyelids, which were previously attached to the bone, start loosening up, and gravity is causing the eyelids to sag.
  • Loss in elasticity: As we age, skin elasticity starts to decrease
  • Loss in volume: The volume of the muscle and fat decreases, causing the eyes to look sunken
  • Eye bag protrusion: The strength of eye muscles decreases, and the fat of the lower eyelids protrudes.

Different types of Eye Bags According to the Shape and Area.

  • Medial protrusion: The fat protrudes inwards under the eyes
  • Outward protrusion: The fat protrudes outward under the eyes
  • Central protrusion: The fat protrudes as a whole
  • Fat with under-eye love band: The fat is combined with under eye love band
  • Edematous swelling: Swelling under the eyes and around the eyes

While there are various reasons and types of eyebags, the surgical method is not very different. A surgical procedure called Under Eye Fat Repositioning, also known as transconjunctival fat repositioning, is performed to flatten out the uneven fat under the eyes. This procedure is made through the conjunctiva, the reddish inner part of the eyes. Under eye fat repositioning in Korea is the process of removing the eyebags and filling out the uneven areas with the removed fat. Then the incision is sutured up, leaving no visible scars. After under-eye fat repositioning, it will brighten up the eye area making one’s appearance more youthful and younger.


What is the Difference Between Under-Eye Fat Repositioning and Lower Blepharoplasty?

Under-eye fat repositioning and lower blepharoplasty surgeries are very similar in the fact that they both are for people with eye bags. The main difference is that lower blepharoplasty is for individuals who also have excess skin. During lower blepharoplasty, incisions are made along the lower lash line to remove the loose skin and fat tissues.

Why is Under-Eye Fat Repositioning Popular in Korea?

Under-eye fat repositioning is popular because Korea is known for its skilled surgeons and innovative cosmetic procedures. South Korea is the go-to destination for medical tourism and those seeking advanced treatments. Moreover, under-eye fat repositioning emphasizes maintaining the natural contours of the lower eyelids, ensuring a rejuvenated yet subtle appearance. In Korea, they aim to minimize scarring by using surgical techniques that result in discreet and pleasing results.

Under-eye fat repositioning in Korea represents a cutting-edge approach to addressing eye bags and dark circles. Skilled surgeons, advanced techniques, and an emphasis on natural results are the result of the growing popularity of under-eye fat repositioning in Korea. With eye bag fat repositioning surgery, you can have a bright and youthful appearance, and the fine wrinkles under your eyes will improve, resulting in a fresher look. Consult with qualified surgeons today with Docfinderkorea.