Everything You Need to Know about Motiva Implants



Everything You Need to Know about Motiva Implants



One of the most popular cosmetic procedures that continues to be performed is breast augmentation.

There are two options for this: breast augmentation using fat transfer, which can increase the size of the breasts by one or two cups; or augmentation using breast implant, which is the only method that can significantly increase the size of the breasts, either individually or in conjunction with breast reconstruction.

Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide have chosen to improve the appearance of their breasts with breast implants, which are quite popular. 

Why Having Breast Implants Is a Good Idea?

Breast implants are low-risk and rarely cause complications.

In general, breast implants are a safe operation with minimal chance of post-procedural problems or side effects. The only significant risks are those resulting from infection, problems with wound healing, and the potential for hematoma to form at the surgery site. Naturally, there is very little chance of issues and the procedure is very safe if you have a skilled plastic surgeon.


Long-Lasting Breast Implants

Breast implants are neither a temporary solution nor a quick reconstruction. Most breast implants survive between 10 and 15 years, which is a very long time. Breast implants may last a lifetime in certain cases. Physicians will keep an eye on the implants to see if they need to be changed. 

Today, breast implants have an average lifespan of more than ten years. The probability of them rupturing rises by a mere one percent annually. There is a higher probability of implant leakage with older implants. However, in many situations, implants can remain in great condition for over 20 years.


Breast implants increase confidence and sense of self-worth

Breast implant patients have a significant increase in self-confidence after the treatment, which is one of the main benefits of getting one. Regarding the size and form of their breasts, a lot of women who get breast implants are quite self-conscious. Poor self-esteem can be easily cured with a single straightforward surgery, giving you the courage to face life head-on.


Fast and quite easy post-operative recovery

Following breast implant surgery, healing is necessary, but it goes rather quickly and easily. After surgery, patients should start to feel normal and healthy after a few days, however, there may be some mild discomfort and tightness in the afflicted area for the first one to two days. One to two weeks after the treatment, you can return to work and go on with your daily activities. Four to six weeks after the procedure, you can start exercising and engaging in strenuous physical activity again. In three to five days, you might be able to resume work if your employment is a desk job that doesn't need any lifting. Before you can raise your arms above your head, it will take you one to two weeks. This implies that there are some tasks you should do carefully, like shampooing your hair or putting on clothing. To prevent stiffness, you should move your arms; however, you should refrain from any movement that hurts or is uncomfortable.


New and different styles of clothing

Your wardrobe choices might also be influenced by the size and shape of your breasts. It's true that some garments fit smaller breasts better than others, and that large-chested ladies look better in some styles. Breast augmentation may be beneficial to you if you're sick of not being able to wear the outfits and clothes you enjoy.


Gain back your pre-pregnancy breast form

Numerous physical changes can occur during pregnancy. After giving delivery, breasts are likely to expand, droop, or shrink. Those who wish to give their breasts a larger appearance and return them to their original shape may find that breast augmentation, with or without a breast lift, is a desirable option. Occasionally, a breast lift performed without an implant will yield superior results.


A natural look

Because they don't want to draw too much attention, women frequently hesitate to decide to get breast augmentations. They are concerned that the outcome would appear artificial or negatively noticeable. If you choose the correct surgeon, you won't have to worry about others staring at you or raising their eyebrows. A skilled physician can advise on the ideal form and size to accentuate your figure without going beyond.

It's possible that others will notice that you've changed, but it will be a gradual, organic transformation. When you have breast implants, people will notice you more than just your breasts. If you don't want to, you are not even required to reveal your little secret to anyone.


What are the Different Types of Implants

Selecting a breast implant is crucial. But how can one select the ideal breast implant? You may select the best breast prosthesis by taking into account factors like volume, shape, projection, and intended outcome.

Breast implants can be of three types: saline breast implants, hydrogel implants, or silicone implants. Silicone breast implants are preferred by most women. Even at the touch, silicone implants are supple. They most nearly mimic the structure of real breast tissue and provide the breast with an appealing form. Furthermore safe are high-end, contemporary silicone implants. Their casing is sturdy and trustworthy. Additionally, a solid silicone mass fills them. In the event that the envelope bursts, it does not enter the body.


What are Motiva Implants

The purpose of motiva implants, a kind of silicone breast implant, is to improve the size and form of the breasts. Their construction consists of a premium silicone gel core encased in a layered shell. The natural feel, robustness, and safety of Motiva implants are well known. Superior results and patient satisfaction are guaranteed by the state-of-the-art technology employed in Motiva implants. Since Motiva implants include TrueMonobloc technology, there is no chance of gel leakage and they have a cohesive structure. The implants feel smooth and natural to the touch because SmoothSilk's surface is made to minimize friction. Furthermore, during surgery, surgeons may more easily identify potential shell damage thanks to the BluSeal indicator.

A multitude of customizable choices are available with Motiva implants to meet the specific demands of each patient. Surgeons can get customized results by choosing them according to the patient's desired outcome and body proportions, as they come in a range of sizes, profiles, and shapes. The patient can select the ideal size and kind of breast implant thanks to this personalization, ensuring a smooth and natural-looking appearance.

How to Choose a Suitable Motiva Implant?

As long as you know what to look for, selecting the ideal Motiva implants is not difficult. Considerations such as size, form, texture, and profile are crucial when choosing the ideal Motiva implant for your body.

• Size: You need to pick a size that fits your lifestyle and body type. For instance, larger implants are preferable than smaller ones for someone who spends their days watching TV at home if they are an athlete or work in a physically demanding job! Similarly, some women want huge breasts, while others prefer tiny (or medium) breasts. It all relies on the individual's preferences and physical characteristics, so keep this in mind before choosing to have breast augmentation surgery.

• Shape: Today, there are two main shapes that are available: round, natural, or teardrop. These shapes have more projection towards the outside corners than other shapes, which gives them more overall volume.

When considering breast augmentation, the Motiva implant is an outstanding choice for people who want to enlarge their breasts. With this kind of procedure, many women are satisfied with the results, making it one of the most popular implants available.


Potential Risks for Breast Augmentation

A condition known as capsular contracture, in which the scar tissue surrounding the implant hardens and tightens, is a potential side effect of breast augmentation surgery. Capsular contracture risk has been shown to be reduced by the novel surface and biocompatible characteristics of Motiva implants. This problem is less likely thanks to TrueTissue technology, which encourages a positive tissue response.



FAQ About Breast Implants in Korea

When should I consider having a breast implant?

When the breast and nipple are positioned above the breast fold, breast implants work well. You can achieve a more voluptuous silhouette by using silicone breasts. A breast lift plus breast implants can help if your breasts are currently drooping and sagging (from grade 1).


Why should I consider a Motiva implant?

A surface that is biocompatible and nanotextured, lowers the chance of capsular contracture.

The prosthesis is identified via a microchip, making it simple for the surgeon to locate all the information he requires.

The surgeon can quickly identify any manufacturing flaws because of the blue external coating characteristic. Before the implant is placed, Clear-coated implants do not provide any warning bells before the implant is inserted, which could then rupture once the procedure is completed.

A multi-layer system called Truemonobloc consists of silicone gel, its shell, and outer layer. This provides for a high degree of adaptability in prosthesis insertion and breast shape modification.

Very soft silicone gel: this gel is incredibly flexible and fluid, and it is utilized for spherical and anatomical implants.

The cohesive and dynamic nature of ergonomic implants, on the other hand, allows them to move with the breast.


Are silicone breasts safe?

There is no scientific evidence linking silicone breasts to immune system problems, rheumatism, or breast cancer. On the other hand, a fluid silicone gel was used to fill some silicone implants; in the case that the implant shell cracked, the gel could leak out and disperse throughout the body.

The safest silicone breast implants consist of a cohesive silicone mass filled with a solid silicone wall. The silicone stays inside the wall even if it splits.

Are silicone breast implants something you are thinking about getting? Select a reputable surgeon and facility that has earned an official quality certificate. The best assurance of a safe procedure and high-quality silicone breast implants is a quality certificate issued by the clinic.


How to choose breast implant?

Breast Implants or Breast Fat Graft? What is better?


One of the most typical desires of women who are dissatisfied with their breasts is a larger chest. Pregnancy or changes in weight have frequently resulted in changes to the breast. Sometimes, nevertheless, a woman's breasts never develop to her satisfaction. The desire to increase breast size with implants is being expressed more and more frequently.

These days, a lady has a lot of options when it comes to sizes, forms, outside structures, and filler materials. Not only should the ideal cup size be considered, but also the rib cage's shape, the connective tissue's composition, the position of the mammary glands, and the breast skin. You can select an implant type with an anatomically formed variation for a more natural-looking appearance.

So, would you want bigger or more attractive breasts? You may find that breast implants are a good option. Docfinderkorea will help you find the best surgeon in Korea to examine your preferences together and determine which implant size best fits your body type, whether you want little or large implants. Using high-quality implants for breast augmentation is a safe process that ensures amazing and beautiful outcomes. Book your online consultation with us now!