What are Korean's Opinions About Plastic Surgery?



What are Korean's Opinions About Plastic Surgery?


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South Korea is often referred to as the “Plastic Surgery Capital of the World.” Plastic surgery is a booming industry and has become a significant part of the culture and economy. According to data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, approximately 20% of women in South Korea have had some form of cosmetic work compared to 5% of American women. Moreover, the advanced medical infrastructure and skilled surgeons have made Korea the preferred destination for medical tourists seeking plastic surgery. As cosmetic surgery is on the rise, what are South Korean's perspectives on plastic surgery and beauty as a whole?

How Important is Appearance in Korean Society?

Appearance is considered quite important in Korean society. Why? Because the media influences many people at a young age. Most people in Korea tend to look up to celebrities and influencers who are good-looking. As it has become the norm, the bar for beauty standards is set high. When you watch TV or shows, appearance is often the butt of the joke or largely discussed. There will be topics about how small or large people’s heads are, or when a celebrity is introduced, comments on their beautiful looks are made. When beauty is so often brought up, you cannot help but start to notice others' appearances and have the desire to change yours.

Additionally, appearances play such a huge part in Korean society that plastic surgery is common during job hunting. When competition is so high, people start to take into consideration appearances. Job applicants must apply for their resume with a current picture of their faces, and most will get their hair and makeup done professionally before an interview.

What is the Korean Beauty Standard?

 Korean beauty standards are renowned for their exacting criteria and meticulous attention to detail. Embracing a blend of traditional ideals and contemporary influences, Korean beauty ideals prioritize flawless complexion, youthful features, and symmetrical facial proportions. Smooth, porcelain-like skin is revered as the epitome of beauty, with a focus on achieving a radiant and luminous complexion through diligent skincare regimens and innovative beauty products. Additionally, a V-shaped face with a slim jawline and high cheekbones is coveted, often achieved through surgical interventions such as jaw reduction surgery. Large, expressive eyes with double eyelids are considered alluring, leading to the widespread popularity of double eyelid surgery. Furthermore, a petite nose with a high bridge and delicate tip is prized, prompting many to undergo rhinoplasty to achieve the desired nasal profile. Overall, Korean beauty standards reflect a blend of cultural traditions, modern influences, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

What are South Korean’s Opinion on Plastic Surgery?

In South Korea, where societal pressure surrounding appearance is notably high, attitudes toward plastic surgery are generally pragmatic and accepting. Many South Koreans maintain a favorable view of plastic surgery, viewing it as a viable solution to address personal insecurities and complexes. The prevailing sentiment is one of moderation, with plastic surgery considered acceptable when pursued in appropriate amounts. This positive stance on cosmetic procedures stems from the belief that enhancing certain aspects of one's appearance can lead to increased confidence and improved self-esteem. For many individuals, plastic surgery represents an opportunity to overcome aesthetic concerns and embrace a more optimistic outlook on life. Ultimately, the widespread acceptance of plastic surgery in South Korea underscores the culture's emphasis on personal empowerment and the pursuit of self-improvement.

What are the Most Popular Surgeries in South Korea?

In South Korea, plastic surgery is not just a trend but often a cultural norm, with certain procedures standing out as particularly popular among both locals and medical tourists. Among these, two procedures reign supreme: eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Double eyelid surgery, a type of blepharoplasty, is especially prevalent due to the prevalence of monolids among Koreans, which lack the crease typically associated with double eyelids. The creation of double eyelids is sought after for its perceived association with a cuter and more innocent appearance compared to the tired and cold image often attributed to monolids. Similarly, rhinoplasty is widely sought to achieve a tall and slim nose profile, as opposed to a shorter and bulkier nose shape, aligning with Korean beauty standards. However, it's worth noting that while these procedures garner significant attention, smaller-scale interventions known as "petit procedures" are also incredibly popular. These non-invasive treatments, including Botox injections, filler applications, skin lifting, and rejuvenating procedures, offer subtle yet effective enhancements that contribute to the overall pursuit of aesthetic perfection in South Korea's beauty-conscious society.

Plastic surgery is a complex interplay of cultural, societal, and personal factors. While most Koreans view it as a means to enhance beauty, confidence, and self-esteem, others are worried about the potential risks and worry about the pressure to conform. Ultimately, respecting individual choices while addressing broader societal implications is key.

Globalization and Medical Tourism in Korea

With globalization, South Korea has become the premier destination for cosmetic surgery. In turn, the medical tourism industry boomed as the reputation of affordable, yet high-quality plastic surgery procedures became known. Medical tourism agencies, such as Docfinderkorea, serve as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking plastic surgery in South Korea, offering personalized assistance, expert guidance, and support throughout the entire process. 

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