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Influencers This Autumn!


Blake Butler

Blake is an Australian beauty and lifestyle influencer. What makes Blake Butler a standout beauty influencer is not just her makeup skills but also her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. She’s more than just someone showing you how to apply makeup; she’s a friend, a confidant, and an inspiration. This is her 2nd time coming to Korea for plastic surgery with Docfinderkorea!

In 2019, Blake has undergone facial contouring, rhinoplasty, forehead reduction, and accusculpt. This time around, she had breast augmentation, thread lift, and fatgraft. Let’s delve more into the surgeries and how they went.

How Was She Feeling Before the Surgery?

She was feeling super excited about this new journey and was not too nervous. She was elated to see the outcome of the surgeries and excited to feel content after having breast augmentation surgery.

What Surgeries Did Blake Get?

Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation is a procedure to enhance the breast size. Blake used to insert bra pads which were approximately 375cc. During the consultation, the doctor explained that her right chest bone protruded a bit more than the left so there might be slight differences. After consultation, she decided she wanted 400cc of the implant on both sides of her breasts. Initially, she wasn’t sure about the Motiva implants, but after discussing it with the doctor, she decided to go with the Motiva implants. He performed dual-plane breast augmentation. This is when the implants are placed partly under the muscle and partly under the skin. The benefit of the dual plane method is that it is very natural looking, and it reduces the risk of visible implant edges. It allows the breast implants to sit in the most natural position because the upper half is placed under the muscle.

Elasticum thread

Blake wanted a more defined jawline and desired to remove the salivary glands, which were bulging. The doctor said she cannot remove the salivary glands because it plays an important role in digestion. The glands create saliva helping food be moistened so that swallowing becomes easier. She also doesn’t have deep or defined nasolabial folds and she doesn’t have much loose skin, so the doctor recommended thread lifting.

Fat graft

Fat graft was recommended to Blake because she has protruding eyebrow bones, sunken temples, and visible tear-throughs. The doctor reminded her that with fat graft, her forehead would be smoother, but it would not be 100% even or perfect.

Transconjunctival fat repositioning

Transconjunctival fat repositioning or under-eye fat repositioning is recommended for patients with uneven fat under the eyes, usually causing a bulge and dark circles. Blake had uneven fat on her lower eyelid area and the doctor thought transconjunctival fat repositioning was suitable for her.


Blake got 2cc of Yvoire classic fillers on her top and bottom lips. Blake was very satisfied with the results of the fillers. It was just enough to make her lips plump but not too excessive.

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Alisher Nurkenov

Alisher is a Kazakhstan K-pop and lifestyle influencer. He makes K-pop reaction content that catches the interest of many K-pop fans and Blinks (Blackpink fans).

He was interested in Docfinderkorea and plastic surgery because he wanted to improve his sleepy eyes and nose. His main concern was the height of his double eyelid. When he wakes up or takes a shower, his double eyelid appears and is quite high, but then it starts to go down again, He wants an unchanging eyelid that can improve his sleepy, tired eyes. For his nose, he wanted to remove the hump and make his overall nose smaller. Alisher preferred a natural result that didn’t look too much different from his original nose.

How Was the Decision Made?

“This decision wasn’t made in a day or two but over the course of several months.

Ptosis correction: I have large eyes, but it wasn’t always evident due to drooping eyelids. Ptosis correction helped me regulate muscle strength so that the pupil wouldn't be covered by the eyelid.

Rhinoplasty: While nasal swelling may go down with proper nutrition, the hump won’t budge.

To ease my mind and not think about anything other than the surgery, I turned to the services of Docfinderkorea. They handle all the organizational aspects to ensure that the stay is as comfortable as possible.

Their services include an online consultation with the best plastic surgery clinics and dermatological centers! They arrange surgery dates and subsequent appointments, provide transfers to the clinic and back to the airport, and assign a medical coordinator.

They provide all the prescribed medications, and a pleasant bonus - pumpkin juice, because Koreans believe it helps reduce swelling faster. I believe in Koreans, so I happily drank it three times a day.

And Docfinderkorea Korea offers an excursion or shopping tour for all patients after the operation. They found the Banobagi clinic for me, and my doctor was Dr. Park Eon Ju, with whom we communicated through an interpreter, which they also provided.”

As Alisher mentioned, plastic surgery was not a quick and sudden decision. He had really contemplated and thought over what he wanted. He was also very interested in coming to Korea due to being a huge K-pop fan. As these two goals aligned, he took a step toward this new challenge. Alisher was quite nervous before he arrived, but the moment he stepped into Banobagi Hospital, his faith and confidence in the clinic drastically grew. He felt that the clinic was very professional, organized, and qualified to put his trust in their hands.



During the consultation, Doctor Park Eon Ju said that Alisher’s skin is quite thin and doesn’t have much fat on the upper eyelid. This can lead to having multiple folds. To fix this, the doctor said she would try to reposition the fat on the upper eyelid. As for the nose, Alisher’s nose tip is a bit droopy, especially when he smiles. The doctor will resect the nose tip muscle and lift the nose tip to create a straighter nose. She will also rasp the hump.

What Surgeries Did Alisher Get?

Incisional Ptosis Correction

Ptosis correction surgery is recommended for those who have sleepy eyes. Sleepy eyes are usually caused by a weakened levator muscle. The eyes are smaller and harder to open which results in many people using their forehead or eyebrow muscles to open their eyes. Doctor Park Eon Ju said that Alisher’s skin is quite thin and doesn’t have much fat on the upper eyelid. This can lead to having multiple folds. To fix this, the doctor repositioned the fat on the upper eyelid. During ptosis correction, the surgeon tightened the muscle by connecting it with the double eyelid fold. Alisher’s main concern was his sleepy eyes. Through ptosis correction, he was able to get brighter and more defined eyes.


Before the surgery, Alisher had a dorsal hump, which caused the tip of his nose to look droopy especially when he smiled. His tip was quite bulbous as well which is why the doctor recommended rhinoplasty with tip plasty and hump reduction. During tip plasty, the doctor resected the nose tip muscles, tied the widespread alar cartilage, and then implanted Alisher’s own septum cartilage to the nose tip. She also cut the hump to create a smooth nose bridge.

Review of Docfinderkorea

“Eugenia, thank you for your support and coordination. You are a very warm and bright person who emits radiant energy✨. I also wish you a good rest, especially since relatives have arrived, and there were so many work matters at the same time.

Elena, thank you for your diligent work and the many tips about Seoul! You are a very kind person and sweet like an angel. I hope to see your script among the winners at some Korean award ceremony.

Irina, even though we only met once, I liked the moments with you. The moment we started communicating, we quickly found common topics. You are a very cheerful person who seems very easy to talk to, your laughter is contagious.”


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