How To Get Plastic Surgery in Korea in 2024



How To Get Plastic Surgery in Korea in 2024


Are you considering getting plastic surgery and don’t know where to begin, or want to know what the process is like? In this article, we will give you an easy step-by-step guide and walk through the whole process.


Step 1: Online Consultation

Before you arrive in Korea, we recommend you have an online consultation. We offer free consultations, introduce you to the best doctors in Seoul, and give you an in-depth pricing of the procedures. Every surgeon has different specialized skills, opinions, and methods of surgery. We believe it is best to consult with different surgeons and choose the best fit for you.

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During the consultation, we ask patients to provide pictures of their faces (for facial plastic surgery patients), surgery/medical history, and a brief description of what the patients want. This information can be beneficial for doctors to give the most precise assessment. It is important to note that the surgery plan will be finalized after you receive the doctor's final diagnosis during an in-person consultation. Following the advice from a surgeon on this or any other website who proposes to finalize your diagnosis based on two-dimensional photos/videos without examining you, physically feeling the tissue, assessing your desired outcome, and taking a full medical history may not be in your best interest. An in-person consultation is mandatory before surgery.

Here is an example:


After having a consultation with Docfinderkorea and deciding on which clinic/procedures you would like to go with, you have two options:

You can send a deposit to the clinic and secure a fixed consultation and surgery date. (The deposit will be deducted from the total surgery cost)

Pros: it is guaranteed that you will see the doctor of your choice and have the surgery on the date of your choosing.

We can book you free consultations with several doctors from different clinics.

Pros: you will be able to get the opinion of different doctors and choose based on who you like.

Cons: You may not be able to reserve a surgery appointment with your chosen doctor, or you might not have enough time to remove stitches in Korea. (You may have to wait a couple of days to a week to book your surgery date.)

After consultation, we will help book flights and accommodation.

Step 2: Arriving in Korea and Consultation with Your Doctor.

When you arrive in Korea, we will pick you up from the airport (usually from Incheon Airport ICN) and drop you off either at your accommodation or the clinic based on your appointment. For every appointment, whether it is consultation, surgery, check-up, or treatment, DocfinderKorea managers will be there to assist you every step of the way. You will not be alone in Korea. We will be your friends and family during your stay.

Consultation: Depending on what surgeries you want, you may have consultations with several doctors. Each surgeon specializes in different procedures. For example, if you want facial contouring, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty, you may see three different doctors.

If you decide on getting the surgery, you will have a health examination such as a blood test, X-ray, CT, EKG, etc. (What health exams depend on the surgery). You will also take photos of the surgical area.

Before the surgery, you will have to sign a surgery agreement form. The payment will also be made on-site.

Step 3: Surgery

Depending on the clinic’s schedule, you may be able to get surgery on the day of the consultation or the following days of your convenience. Make sure to follow the precautions before the surgery. Here is a list of precautions and reminders before the surgery:

  1. Fast for 6 or 8 hours before the surgery time, depending on the procedure. This includes any food, water, gum, candy, etc.
  2. Do not take Aspirin or related medication for at least 1 week before surgery. If you are receiving treatment for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid disease, you must inform your doctor in advance and bring the medication with you to Korea.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol two days before the surgery and no smoking 2 weeks before the surgery. Smoking can cause sneezing, phlegm, or bleeding after the operation.
  4. Remove nail polish on both hands and feet.
  5. Do not wear makeup for consultation and surgery appointments.
  6. Take off all accessories including earrings, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, dentures, etc.
  7. Do not wear contact lenses on the surgery day.
  8. Wear button-up or zippered tops on surgery day, and wear comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on and off.

Before the surgery, you will be assisted by your assigned patient coordinator until you fall asleep. Depending on the surgery, you will be under different anesthesia. After surgery, you may feel nauseous, dizzy, and hungry. Your assigned coordinator will let you know when you can eat and drink.


Step 4: Discharge

Most surgeries do not require hospitalization, and you will be able to discharge as soon as you feel better. (Usually, 30 minutes to 1 hour after surgery). Your Docfinderkorea manager will help you discharge and provide you with your prescription medications and pumpkin juice. During the discharge, your manager or nurse will help explain what each medicine is and your post-operative care instructions.

Step 5: Check-up and Treatment:

Following the surgery, you will have several check-ups with your doctor. The number of visits depends on the clinic and procedures. Docfinderkorea will help coordinate all appointment schedules with your clinic and assist you through all of them.


Stitches will be removed around 5~7 days after the surgery, depending on the procedure. Some procedures, like facial contouring, can take up to 2 weeks. However, if you cannot stay in Korea for too long, you can always get it removed back in your own country.


You will also receive treatments depending on the procedures. Most clinics offer free deswelling treatments to our patients, which helps with fast recovery. There are also other services, such as hair washing, facial care, and oxygen therapy treatments.


Step 6: Enjoying your Time in Korea

If you have decided to come to Korea, why not explore? After your surgery, you will have plenty of time to travel, enjoy good food, and explore the city. We also offer a 4-hour shopping or attraction tour. We would more than gladly assist you if you are traveling alone and give you a guide to Korea. Moreover, after surgery, it is recommended that you go for walks. Walking helps the swelling go down much faster as your blood is circulating. You do not have to worry about looking a certain way after surgery. It is very common to see people in bandages, looking swollen in Seoul, especially in the Gangnam area. If you are concerned, you can always wear a loose hat (i.e. Bucket hat), masks, or sunglasses.


Step 7: Going Home

Many patients worry about going on a flight after having received surgery. However, we can confirm that it is safe if it is not 2~3 days after surgery. And do not worry about looking different from your passport photos. The clinic will provide a medical certification, and if needed, you can show them to the airport TSA. You will also receive a tax refund receipt, receiving about 7~8% of your entire surgery fee.

Even after you go back to your country, Docfinderkorea managers will assist you! If there are any concerns during your recovery process or any questions about your surgery, just contact us and we will assist you.  



Getting plastic surgery in Korea should not be challenging or scary. We want every part of your journey to be comfortable and for you to be able to enjoy your time in Korea. So, if you are even considering getting plastic surgery or want an online consultation, contact Docfinderkorea. If you would like to know more about traveling to Korea for plastic surgery, click here.