Can You Get a BBL in Korea?



Can You Get a BBL in Korea?



Buttock augmentation with fat injections, also known as the "Brazilian Butt Lift", is a very popular procedure not only in Western countries but also in Asia and specifically in South Korea. It truly allows patients to sculpt their silhouettes. It consists mainly of using their own fat reserves to increase the volume of their buttocks.

For the majority of women today, harmony between the waistline, hip line, and thigh line, depending on the body type, is more crucial than anything else. And, that’s what we call the S-line. However, flat buttocks not only ruin the appearance but also prevent the S-line from being completed since the hip and thigh lines are out of harmony. Hence, more and more women are thinking about BBL.

Leading clinics in Seoul may recommend BBL surgery with autologous fat grafting for those who are in good general health, within a healthy weight range, and who have enough excess fat in another area of their body that can be used for fat transfer.

When compared to other countries, buttocks lifting surgery is considered to be relatively affordable in South Korea, and there are different clinics here that provide various discounts and offers. Recovery periods are frequently shorter than in many other countries. An average Brazilian Butt Lift requires 7–10 days for the stitches to be removed. Therefore, the patient has to be sure to stay till the stitches are taken out. And, there is no need to worry about scarring because mainly they are small and minimal, and Korean surgeons are known to be experienced and highly skilled. Thus, they will be able to position them in spots where they can blend in with the patient's body's natural folds or be covered up by clothing.


Are Traditional Buttock Lift and Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) the same?

Anyone who intends to lift their sagging buttocks owing to age, heredity, weight loss, or past pregnancies may consider getting a buttock lift. In order to create a tight, elevated butt, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the top of the buttocks, removes extra skin, and pushes the remaining skin up to the incision line. The only method to get bigger or rounder buttocks after a traditional butt lift, however, is to combine an implant-based buttock augmentation operation with the procedure. This is because there is no fat transfer involved. However, a Brazilian buttock lift is mainly performed by injecting autologous fat into the buttocks. By shaping the buttocks to the individual's preferred appearance, the Brazilian butt lift aims to give the desired result.


Am I a good candidate for the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

The process of buttock lipo-structure refills the buttocks' volume while reducing specific areas of excess fat, which are typically found on the inside of the thighs, saddlebags, abdomen, back, or even love handles. Therefore, patients who want to reshape their silhouette and have enough adipose tissue to be used might consider it.

A loss of volume in the buttocks can be caused by a variety of things, such as noticeable weight fluctuations after pregnancy or drooping skin associated with the body's natural aging process. Genetic factors may also contribute to a lack of volume. A number of symptoms may result from any of these phenomena:

  • Too-flat buttocks: an excessively flat buttock can make the posterior profile appear to lack vitality and curvature.
  • Sagging posteriors: Loss of muscular tone or sagging skin are frequently indicated by drooping buttocks.
  • Asymmetrical posterior: uncomfortable clothes selection and visual imbalance might result from asymmetrical buttocks.
  • Too-small buttocks: some people may find that too-small buttocks don't meet their standard of beauty and may want more fullness.
  • Insufficient arching: a silhouette that lacks the distinctive natural curve of the back can be created by having too little arch.
  • Therefore, as soon as one of these symptoms starts to manifest and the physical or cosmetic discomfort becomes intolerable, you can schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

How is the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) performed?

The procedure takes place under general anesthesia, but if the amount of fat to be harvested and grafted is not significant, then local anesthesia may be considered. The surgeon begins by performing liposuction to remove fat from an area of the patient's body (thighs, hips, abdomen, etc.), the fat taken is treated and purified, then is reinjected into the buttocks in order to give the buttocks more volume in a homogeneous way. About 3 or 4 injections are made in order to obtain the desired result. Finally, the surgeon sutures the incisions with absorbable thread and has the patient wear a compression sheath to reduce the risk of bleeding as much as possible.

What to expect after undergoing a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

After the surgery, most patients resume their normal activities around a week later. It is crucial to avoid spending a lot of time sitting or in bed. Your buttocks and the areas where liposuction was performed will be covered with a compressive sheath. It's possible for the treated areas to swell and bruise, but these will go away with time, and you'll be able to see the finished results in less than 16 weeks. This intervention's effects are long-lasting. Buttock augmentation will not stop the aging process of the gluteal muscles, which must be taken into account. On the other hand, if required, corrective action could be taken. In order to prevent your buttocks' volume from changing following the treatment, it's also advised that you maintain your weight.


What are the potential risks of the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

The Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) surgery has certain potential risks and problems, just like any other surgical procedure. During your consultation, your surgeon will be available to discuss them with you. These consist of the possibility of infection and hemorrhaging following surgery. Fat embolism, sometimes known as pulmonary embolism after thrombophlebitis, is a more dangerous but uncommon consequence. It can happen if a blood clot or fat lobule bursts from the surgical site during liposuction, enters the bloodstream, and becomes lodged in the lungs. It would then be required to stay in a hospital and receive supportive care, including oxygen and potentially anticoagulants (drugs that thin the blood). Furthermore, because there is a chance of a microscopic or macroscopic fat embolism, intramuscular fat injection into the gluteal muscles should be avoided. This condition may manifest during the surgical procedure or 24 hours following the procedure. Thus, it is crucial to refrain from injecting fat into the gluteal muscles at a deep level.


How much does Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) cost in Korea?

The Brazilian Buttock Lift’s (BBL) cost is primarily determined by the quantity of sample regions needed. After your initial meeting with the surgeon, you will be given an approximate estimate of the cost of a treatment. Your goals and needs will be considered in order to determine the best course of treatment for you.


The advantages of the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)

It is not a surprise that more and more patients choose to get this procedure nowadays to have their buttocks enhanced. In fact, this procedure has a number of benefits in addition to providing the buttocks with a more curved shape and a more attractive appearance, such as:

  • The fat comes from the patient who will perform the operation, so there is no risk of rejection.
  • There is less risk of complications. Furthermore, the surgery not only helps you gain volume but also improves the quality of your skin because the fat contains stem cells.
  • With this technique, the patient accomplishes two goals at once: the buttocks are increased while another part of the body is slightly refined by liposuction.
  • The result given by the Brazilian Butt Lift is more natural compared to that given by other surgical techniques.
  • The small and easily hidden liposuction incisions result in minimal scarring. merely a few millimeters.


Does Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) Surgery leave scars?

When autologous fat is used for enlargement of the buttocks, no visible scar is left behind. For injections, extremely thin cannulas are utilized so that the application sites are hidden from view after the procedure.



Upon touch, how does it feel?

Because the fat in your buttocks is your own fat (autologous fat), which is alive, natural tissue, the swelling will eventually go down and the area will appear entirely normal.


What proportion of fat is left over after lipo-filling the buttocks - Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

The transfer of fatty tissue has been the subject of several research.

These studies show that, on average, 25% of the transferred cells do not survive; this implies that 75% of the transferred fatty tissue volume survives.


Can I sleep on my back following lipo-filling my buttocks - Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

It's important to refrain from lying on your back during the first month.

It is advised to lie prone to enable unrestricted gluteal volume expansion while you are falling asleep.


What potential side effects could a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) have?

Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) is a minimally problematic technique.

The primary potential risk is that of pulmonary embolism and phlebitis, anticoagulant injections and compression stockings must be used to prevent venous thrombosis from occurring.

Infection: by giving antibiotics for a week, this danger can be avoided.

Anemia: Those with low hemoglobin levels can reduce their risk of this condition by taking iron.

Others: pain, unsatisfactory scar look, bulges beneath the skin in injected or aspirated locations, necrosis of the skin in treated areas (rare), fat embolism in the lungs or heart (very uncommon, but possibly deadly).


What weight is required to obtain a Brazilian Butt Lift BBL?

To maximize the benefits of this surgery, it is preferable to be slightly overweight. Significantly gaining too much weight puts one at risk for problems and is not recommended for Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL).


Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) suitable for me?

  • When you wish to organically use your own fat to increase your hips and butt.
  • You possess sufficient amounts of healthy fat in other regions that are suitable for injection.
  • You understand that there will be a recovery period, and you have enough willpower to go through with this treatment.
  • It is crucial to have reasonable and realistic expectations for the treatment, recovery, and result, just like with any surgical procedure. 

The video that is linked is an excellent source for a more thorough explanation of the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) Surgery undergone by one of our patients.


In the past several years, the Brazilian butt lift has been increasingly popular in the cosmetics field. Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Korea might be the solution to your problems if you're striving for a fantastic-looking butt, a more streamlined overall shape, and confidence in your stride.