Buccal Fat Removal What it is, Recovery & Before & After



Buccal Fat Removal What it is, Recovery & Before & After


Nowadays, men and women do whatever is necessary to achieve a younger and healthier appearance, and certain procedures are unavoidable when sports and diets are ineffective. There are several well-known surgical and cosmetic procedures, such as rhinoplasty, otoplasty, or Brazilian butt lifts, which would give a better appearance. However, a very interesting cosmetic surgery has gained more popularity in 2023 due to its effective results and rapid recovery: Buccal Fat Removal.

You probably already know that one of the most significant indicators of beauty and attractiveness is the form of the face. Because of this, a certain number of people prefer that the jaw, cheeks, and other parts of the face follow the golden ratio. The jaw and cheeks forming a triangle, or what we refer to as a V-shape, is one of the most crucial requirements for the golden ratio. The face seems younger, more appealing, and more beautiful as a result. However, the facial area can become excessively puffy over time due to aging or weight gain.


What is buccal fat?

Buccal fat, or buccal fat pad, is a naturally occurring fat pad located in the hollow just below each cheekbone that helps shape the overall look of the face. It is present in every human being but not in the same proportions and is generally inherited from parents. Any exercise, medication, or diet cannot affect this adipose tissue as it is not impacted by changes in weight. In most people with excess, it makes the face look rounder and more puffy. Additionally, when it is abundant or hangs down, it causes marionette lines. Therefore, buccal fat removal is a great way to regain lost self-confidence. When fat is removed from the cheek area, the face shrinks relatively quickly and harmoniously. The cheekbones will be accentuated for a refined effect. And the face will literally light up and definitely an instant improvement in facial sculpting will be seen.

Who is a good candidate for buccal fat removal?

Although buccal fat is normal, some individuals are self-conscious about the size or contour of their faces. Those with bigger buccal fat pads could feel as though their faces are overly full or round. A cheek reduction or contouring can reduce the feeling of roundness or puffiness. So, you may consider this procedure if you:

  • Are in good health condition and have a stable weight.
  • Have an open, realistic perspective on the outcome of a cosmetic surgery
  • Don’t like the saggy and droopy cheeks due to aging.
  • Don't like the look of roundness and chubbiness on your cheeks.

As buccal fat normally diminishes with age, you might not be a suitable candidate for buccal fat removal if your face is too narrow. However, if you think that the area under your cheeks is significantly larger and therefore your face has a much more rounded shape, you should know that you are an ideal candidate for buccal fat removal in South Korea. If you don't like the way it looks on your face, the best thing to do is to undergo the procedure.


Buccal fat removal: What is it for?

The main objectives of the buccal fat removal are:

  • Reduce cheek volume
  • Treating big and chubby Cheeks
  • Improve cheek definition
  • Refine the face (slimmer)
  • Highlights the natural, youthful contours of the face
  • Can create a more lifted appearance
  • Helps improve self-esteem

Removal of the buccal fat pad is frequently combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques to enhance the look of the entire face and preserve long-lasting effects.


Risks and safety

As with any surgical procedure, complications such as wound healing disorders, infections, or bleeding may occur. Since buccal fat removal is a minor procedure generally performed under local anesthesia, the risk of complications is very low. The tissues around the fat removal area can rarely be damaged, such as the salivary gland or facial nerve. Additionally, to reach the buccal fat pads, incisions are made inside your cheeks from within your mouth to either decrease, relocate, or eliminate the fat pad by these invisible incisions, and as a result, there will be no scars. However, due to surgery-related issues, the face may become asymmetrical. If too much fat is removed, the face may appear unbalanced or too narrow. Thus, you should consider getting it done by board-certified and experienced doctors, such as Korean doctors.

Another important point that should be taken into consideration is that because buccal fat cannot regenerate, the modifications caused by the surgery are irreversible.


How painful is buccal fat removal?

As mentioned above, local anesthesia is usually administered before the procedure, so the chances of experiencing pain during the procedure are very minimal. The process is less painful as a result. You may feel some mild pain after the procedure as your wounds and tissues begin to heal.


After surgery

After your procedure, the doctor will explain how to take care of the incisions. He or she may give you a special mouthwash to help with healing and prevent infections.

You will need to eat a liquid diet for a day or two while your incisions heal. Gradually, you can add soft foods to your diet as soon as your doctor gives you permission.

Mild swelling, bruises, and pain are expected for the first few days after surgery and can be relieved by taking painkillers and applying cold compresses as needed. Then these symptoms should gradually fade as your body heals. Healing time is usually around three weeks. It will take time – usually several months – before you see the final results.





What is a buccal fat pad?

The buccal fat pad is a distinct layer of facial fat that has a major influence on your facial look by covering your lower jaw and rounding your face. The removal of this adipose pad will result in a more aesthetically pleasing and sculpted appearance. The buccal fat pad is a layer of fat mass that lies in the center of the cheeks, between the facial muscles. Everyone features buccal fat pads, however, the extent of the pads impacts how your face appears.


What is a buccal fat removal? is buccal fat removal a common procedure?

Buccal fat pad removal in Korea is a minimally invasive technique that sculpts the face to better match your overall facial proportions.

Buccal fat pad excision surgery provides permanent benefits. Buccal adipose cannot grow back. However, the ultimate result might require several months to manifest because healing a wound can take anything from a few months to a year. During this healing period, the region that once contained the Buccal Adipose Pad will gradually get smaller.


How to tell if I need buccal fat removal?

While full and chubby cheeks may be deemed cute as a youngster, they may not be as lovable in adulthood. Buccal fat reduction may be a good option if you want a smaller, more defined face.

During your consultation and after a physical examination, the doctor will be honest with you about whether he/she thinks you are a good candidate for a Buccal Fat Removal surgery.

When buccal fat pads are surgically eliminated when they should not be, or when too much buccal fat has been eliminated, the result might be hollow cheeks and signs of premature aging. Therefore, searching for a brad-certified and skilled doctor is the first step you should consider doing.


How long does it take to see results?

The results are visible two weeks after the procedure when the swelling begins to subside. However, it is important to note that it takes between two and six months after buccal fat excision to see full results.


Is buccal fat removal suitable for men and women?

Yes, buccal fat removal is suitable for both men and women.


Does weight loss cause a decrease in buccal fat?

The rounded face with large cheeks might occasionally remain the same, even after weight loss. In other situations, a very modest decrease could occur, but not enough to provide the sculpted and chiseled effect that buccal fat removal surgery offers.


Should I have Asian facial features to undergo buccal fat removal in South Korea?

Korean surgeons have an excellent understanding of the anatomy of different faces from different ethnic backgrounds. Docfinderkorea is going to help you choose your Korean clinic that will not only provide excellent outcomes but also top-notch pre-and post-treatment. Where you will be satisfied with your natural-looking results. It is highly safe and worthwhile to get surgery in South Korea.

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Many people wish to improve their chubby and round face and have a more defined look. The problem is often brought on by the buccal fat pads, which are present from birth. These fat pads may just be more noticeable in certain people, giving them a rounder face than others. The fact that genetics, aging, and facial shape all have an impact in increasing it, but weight loss doesn’t have that effect in decreasing it, makes it very difficult to do anything to enhance them. If you are facing the same problem and you are self-conscious about the size or contour of your face, undergoing buccal fat removal in Korea is your next decision to take.