Am I Good Candidate to Get Rhinoplasty?



Am I Good Candidate to Get Rhinoplasty?


The central feature of one’s face is the nose. This is what characterizes a harmonious face. Many women and men feature noses that do not match their faces or personalities, which is commonly the cause of frequent and sometimes severe physical and psychological discomfort as well as constraints in one's social and professional life. A safe and successful nose job procedure might help look better in case of feeling self-conscious about the size or form of the nose. Indeed, certain nasal features will be perfectly accepted by some and rejected by others. Thus, the decision to undergo rhinoplasty must be thoughtful and personal. The presence of one or more unwanted nasal features may make you a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

The most appropriate period to undergo surgery is when the face's soft tissue and bone growth have been completed, and plastic surgeons usually recommend patients have it after the age of eighteen, as before that age the nose continues changing appearance over time.

Ideal candidate

The first two important things to be checked for determining who is an ideal candidate for undergoing rhinoplasty after the age factor, are the patient’s medical history and the current health condition.

No heart conditions

You must not have any cardiac issues, as with most procedures, to be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. You cannot be safely put under general anesthesia and your body might not respond well to sedation if your heart is not in good shape. Furthermore, some medications that you might intake for blood pressure and cannot stop taking it for your safety, must not be taken in case of this procedure.

No lung conditions

Strong and healthy lungs are highly required for a safe induction of general anesthesia.

Other health conditions

It is also crucial that in order to be qualified as a good candidate for this surgery, you should not have bleeding disorders, high cholesterol, diabetes, or severe allergies. Additionally, do not consider this procedure if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the near future.


Patients who are able to make decisions and at least have a realistic aesthetic idea of what they want are preferred by nose job doctors. They should be aware of their desired aesthetic following the procedure. Additionally, individuals who are able and ready to educate themselves about the treatment and what they might reasonably anticipate from it are preferred by plastic surgeons. In general, surgeons favor patients who adhere to all their directions for pre-and post-operative care.

As the surgical needs of each patient vary according to the patient’s nasal features and characteristics, the following are the common nose shapes that rhinoplasty can enhance.