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Real reviews

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Incisional double eyelid with ptosis correction

2024-03-04 Eyes

Forehead endotine, Lateral canthoplasty, and Vertical canthoplasty

2024-02-28 Eyes, Facial contouring

Coolsculpting, LAMS (Liposuction), Pigmentation and Lifting (Dermatology)

2024-02-28 Body, Dermatology

Liposuction (Thigh, belly, abdomen, back) & Dermatology (Anti-aging)

2024-02-14 Anti-aging, Body, Dermatology


2024-02-13 Nose

Eye, nose, botox

2024-02-05 Eyes, Nose, Dermatology

Nose revision

2024-02-05 Nose


2024-01-22 Facial contouring

epicantoplastiy, lateralcantoplasty, nose rivison, facial contouring

2024-01-22 Eyes, Nose, Facial contouring

Facial Contouring, Rhinoplasty

2024-01-16 Nose, Facial contouring